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Pilgrims, enjoy your day of football, food, and family.




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As you can see in Code Red Improv’s latest vid about hipsters, YouTube is now tailored for your widescreen needs. Now your vlog will appear more epic, and your old vids have those damn vertical stripes.

Oh well.

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So, a little after the fourth minute of the most recent Diggnation, Kevin Rose made feminists very uncomfortable when he said the following:

“there is only one time you can strike [a woman] if she kicks you in the balls, you have the ability and the right, to punch her in the teat – it’s just like that – it’s kinda like tit for tat…It hurts them, it does too – or take a scissors to the teat

Dude, maybe you should stop giving women a reason to kick you in the balls…

Well, now he’s apologizing for the remark:

“I’d like to apologize for some comments I made in the latest episode of Diggnation, which came off as insensitive on the topic of violence towards women. Alex and I have always viewed Diggnation as an outlet to push the limits in a comedic fashion. Obviously, violence against women is serious and something we don’t advocate in any way.”

Now, the interesting part of this story is in the comment section on Digg for this story. I want to explain the system. Users can vote up or vote down the comments users post. If you like a comment, you give it a digg. If you don’t like a comment, you take away a digg. Keep that in mind…

Here are a sampling of the comments left by users:

way too uptight, sugartits. (136 diggs.)

I’m sure if he hadn’t apologized there would’ve been be a vast increase in tit clippings at hospitals across the world. Please. Learn to judge the connotation of what people say. (77 diggs.)

boohooohoo, cry me a river, lighten up bitches it’s all in good fun. (49 diggs.)

Let’s compare with supporters of Kevin’s action:

All I can think of is A) Good for you Kev for apologizing and B) What a well-written article! (-19 diggs.)

We all have brain farts from time to time. Props to Rose for admitting his mistake and apologizing for it. (-11 diggs.)

cutting a woman’s nipples with scissors isn’t funny, it’s sadistic, ok? it was a ***** up thing to say and he apologized for it. (-43 diggs.)

And luckily there are some real winners:

In response to the comment:i don’t think he should have had to apologize for that… The First Amendment allows it. (63 diggs.)

Whether it’s allowed and whether it’s appropriate are two VERY different things. (49 diggs.)

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Earlier this month, MySpace unveiled an application from Hulu that would let users post their favorite shows onto their profiles. Now Facebook, via its powerful app platform, will let users do the same. You will start seeing apps for specific shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Family Guy, all streamed via Hulu.

You will be able to discuss the show with other users, watch bloopers, share episodes. Yes, TV has been kidnapped by social media. All the activity we normally do on other sites, will now be packaged on Facebook.

Facebook blogger Josh Elman also diagnoses the final days for the Nielson Media Center’s ratings department. Them’s fighting words, but they’re dead on. A show’s popularity will now be measured by the number of fans for the particular show’s app.

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{via Silicon Valley Insider}

Twitter was almost a Facebook property. Facebook, in a semi-narcissitic move, offered Twitter $400 of overvalued Fbook stock + $100 million in cash. (Silicon Alley Insider reports that the real value of that stock is $150 million.)

What a bum deal. I’m glad Twitter passed on that bogus offer.

The microblogging site will unveil a revenue model soon, whereas Facebook is trying to make ground with its targeted ads.

Mark Zuckerberg will need to set his greedy eyes somewhere else.

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Facebook speaks to the Sage in the Temple of Knowing Stuff.

“Oh great sage, I have traveled far to save my village from the evil spammers. A friend wrote on my wall that you would have the answer.”

“Young Facebook, I must tell thee a story. The prophets of Palo Alto once foretold of a young hero that would slay the demon spammers. My boy, I believe that hero is you.”

“But, sage, do I have the power?”

“How many lawyers do you have?”


“S#!* son. I think you’ll be fine…”


Facebook announced that it just won a huge case against spam company Atlantis Blue Capital. The social neworking site has always prided itself in protecting users against spammy content. The judge awarded Facebook $873 million, but there’s no way ABC can honor that. (Facebook admits the impossibility in the post.) But this win still sends a strong message to anybody wanting to spam Facebook users. Don’t.

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///Video Game Graffiti///

{via Flickr users} Nerds get ready…















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Facebook has created a visualization of the connection between its users. I just watched the video of a Facebook developer demonstrate the pretty visualization of different interactions between users around the Earth. It was created by developers at the most recent Hackathon event, so it’s not an official Facebook feature. Maybe later.

Oh well, it’ll kill 10 minutes of your freetime, and it’s gosh darn cool.


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The word is vulva…the couch is tacky. An art student, possibly pictured below, created this couch; they are selling it for $600. Not a bad deal. It looks a little comfortable with its clitoris pillow..

I am just…speechless.

Oh, art students!


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Wow, if you’re a reader at the blogs Reverse Cowgirl and Debauchette, you’re going to notice something about the new American Apparel ads. Nipples. Female nipples. Provocative…

The California company is known for its racy ads, but they are ready to turn up the heat. People are going to fuss, but the company just don’t give a s$%&! It says the body is natural and normal. Oh boy…

Of course this is also nothing new in the American ad market. Abercrombie and Fitch was the racy company of the 90s with its Christmas catalogs featuring topless girls and half-naked guys. Of course, only 18+ customers could buy it. It wasn’t an ad floating out there on the internet.

Here are the SFW work pics, but you can visit the blogs for the full definitely NSFW pics.



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