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Where most companies would never post anything about transgendered people, Google steps up to show that they are a bolder company. On its blog, Google posts a note about Transgender Rembrance Day and how we should oppose the violence and prejudice against these fellow human beings.

Google has employees that are transgendered, and it makes sure to give them a nod. They deserve it. The post shares a disturbing fact that transgendered people are 16% more likely to be killed than people from the non-transgendered population. This is a little startling, knowing that the statistic is an effect of hatred.

I’m so proud of Google as it represents the a better society. I know one transgendered person, and I personally witnessed others give her a bad time. It’s not a disease, it’s not a mental disorder,  a transgender person is just a human being.

Here some links on the issue:

Parents and transgender children>>

ACLU and transgender rights>>

Documentary of a transgendered woman sharing her life with us:

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It’s also my new favorite mag. The design of the blog is so hip. I love the bright colors, the doodles are fun. You can read the blog for fun, inspiration, maybe advice. Either way, typography has met its true lover in this blog.

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“Hey, dude, what’s u– Are you reading Twilight?”


“Are you, a 22 year old man, reading a teen angst novel about vampires?”

“It’s my sister’s. I was just browsing…I mean, they’re vampires so it’s not that bad.”

“Yeah, and Harry Potter’s a wizard, but you don’t see me reading those dumb books.”

“How dare you talk that way about Harry!?”

“Dude, let’s go watch Quantum of Solace…er…are you crying?”

“Edward Cullen’s so sweet…”


“He’s a vampire, and he treats Bella Swan so well. So well.”

“Bro, please watch True Blood. There are boobs. Do you remember what those look like? Breasts? Remember how those used to attract you?”

I haven’t read the books, but that puts me in the minority. Tonight several people will line up at theatre to see Stephanie Meyer’s book Twilight come to life. The book is part of a series – ahem saga – that follows the relationship of Edward Cullen, a vampire, and Bella Swan, a human. Her blood smells oh so sweet to Edward, but he suppresses his appetite to love her in one of those most sweeping teen novels.

There is buzz on Twitter. Twitter-ers are talking about their excitement for tonight. Check it out>>


You can see some cool fan art, like this sketch of the first book’s cover art, at DeviantArt:


Check out more>> Or check out my favs below:



And here’s a fan made trailer that’s…not half bad…

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