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The word is vulva…the couch is tacky. An art student, possibly pictured below, created this couch; they are selling it for $600. Not a bad deal. It looks a little comfortable with its clitoris pillow..

I am just…speechless.

Oh, art students!


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Wow, if you’re a reader at the blogs Reverse Cowgirl and Debauchette, you’re going to notice something about the new American Apparel ads. Nipples. Female nipples. Provocative…

The California company is known for its racy ads, but they are ready to turn up the heat. People are going to fuss, but the company just don’t give a s$%&! It says the body is natural and normal. Oh boy…

Of course this is also nothing new in the American ad market. Abercrombie and Fitch was the racy company of the 90s with its Christmas catalogs featuring topless girls and half-naked guys. Of course, only 18+ customers could buy it. It wasn’t an ad floating out there on the internet.

Here are the SFW work pics, but you can visit the blogs for the full definitely NSFW pics.



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