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Tomorrow morning I leave for New York, and I decided that it was time to prepare for my trip in a new way. I’ve already been using Twitter search to find some cool places and learn about real people’s experiences. Now, as seen in this blog post, I’m using Flickr.

A simple search of “favorite place New York,” and, hey, look at that. Results.

So thanks to Flickr users I can now see through their camera lens these great places. I can visit the fountain at Bryant Park. I can try out some breakfast at Square Diner. If I’m not hungry, but in need of inspiration, I can go to the New York public library to consult the marble statues.

Bam, no need to buy a $20 travel guide.

Click here to see all the results for the search query “favorite place New York.” Trust me, I left you a lot of treasures to discover on your own. 🙂

{Katz pic by jasonyungny}

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1 >> Chester French

Chester French is band from Wisconsin featuring two musicians DA and Max. They’ve recently been picked up Pharrell’s label Star Trak Entertainment, and they released their freshman album Love the Future. It features the song from the vid, “She Loves Everybody.”

Quirky fact: The band is named after Daniel Chester French, the man who sculpted the seated Abraham Lincoln statue at Lincoln Memorial.

2 >> Diane Birch

First saw Diane {MySpace} when she opened for James Morrison at the Granada Theater in Dallas, TX. Her band performed this cover of “What is Love,” the Haddaway song made famous by SNL.  Her debut album Bible Belt will be released on iTunes May 19th.

3 >> Musée Mécanique

I stumbled upon these guys while checking out the site for Cello group Portland Cello Project. It’s a mellow sound for a day of relaxing outdoors. Musée Mécanique hails from Portland as well, and it features the songwriting of Micah Rabwin and Sean Ogilvie.

Audio Visuals is a new addition to my blog. Is it vibing with you? I’d appreciate any feedback on this new feature or any of the musicians listed here. Stay classy, my friends.

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Picture 13

So where does the image come from? Yooouuutuuube.com, a website that takes youtube videos and visualizes them in a cool way. The site really made its debut when a video of Disney’s Alice and Wonderland (one Alice’s songs played backwards) made the ranks of Digg.

I thought that a video could make for a good background. So I tried screenshots of different videos visualized on Yooouuutuuube, and I settled on concert footage of Daft Punk’s Alive tour.

Before visiting Yooouuutuuube, make sure you have the latest version of Flash and decent memory. That or get ready for LOTS of buffering.

I’m going to go back to watching the Alice video…

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ryan_reynolds_deadpool_x_men_origins_wolverineI saw on Yahoo that X-Men Origins: Wolverine will spinoff into a new movie [Variety] about Ryan Reynold’s character, Deadpool. By now it’s agreed that Dark Knight is the finest action movie about a superhero. It contained a strong story, complimented by strong performances, under the precise direction of Christopher Nolan.

The Nolan/Bale Batman franchise has brought them money, but both director and star know that great films take time and thought. Something you will not see on the Marvel side.

Why create a Deadpool spinoff? Was it because Ryan Reynold’s performance was a brief saving grace in Wolverine? I have reason to believe that Marvel wants to join the current trend of announcing sequels/prequels after a movie release (like Star Trek and The Hangover.)

Christopher Nolan has a story for a third Batman, but he’s not even sure that a third film is necessary. Yes, there is money to be made on a third Batman film. Dear lord, the marketing would be a breeze. It’s never hard to make a sequel, but why make a pointless sequel?

I know the answer is money. It’s just such a large contrast: 1 brand being protected while the other is pimped out. With the addition of a Wolverine sequel and the Magneto origin story, that brings the total X-Men films to 7… 7 films with only two passing as good…(X 1 and 2.)

You may have expanded beyond your fanbase, Marvel, but the good times will come to an end.

{pic source}

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