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I can lock down my wallet for many things, but @johnnycupcakes is not one of those things. I’ve got a huge connection to his brand – after all, I own 15 JC shirts. Every Halloween he releases themed and special edition tees. If I can’t buy these shirts, I think some of 2009’s shirts at least need a mention on my blog.

Big Kid Jason

Big Kid Jason – Johnny released a mascot early this year, the Big Kid. He’s a jolly fellow with a retro cartoon vibe. Now he’s got a costume, and it’s Jason from Friday the 13th.

Slasher Crossbones

Slasher Crossbones – a new version of the original crossbones. I love the oozing frosting and sprinkles.

Both tees are $35, and you can purchase in one of the 3 Johnny cupcakes stores or online (shipping $8.)

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