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Audio Visuals is the part of my blog where I find visually exciting music videos of great songs. Or just mediocre videos of bands I really like…

1. Of Montreal :: Id Engager

This first vid is perfect for this series. Stop motion, doodling – on top of a great sound, this music video is awesome. My favorite song from Of Montreal is “For Our Elegant Castle.” I found this band on Nylon’s summer playlist, and gotta say there are tons of great artists on that list.

2. Wild Beasts :: The Devil’s Crayon

Discovered Wild Beasts via Said the Gramophone, and I’ve been digging their sound since I heard “All the King’s Men.” Probably the coolest I’ve seen hell.

3. Arctic Monkeys :: Crying Lightning

I’m a little obsessive when it comes to the Arctic Monkeys. So in honor of their soon-to-be-released new album, I give you the vid to “Crying Lightning.” The AM sound has been progressing towards the Hendrix era of rock, and this video is like an acid trip. Enjoy.

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The Coffee: QT Hazelnut with some sugar.

The Art:

Kristina Collantes :: Black Bottom Warbler :: water color and Photoshop


The tunes:

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Music DownloadingIf Joel Tenenbaum had $675,000 I’m sure he’d be buying a Ferrari, or at least the largest music collection on the planet. Instead, because he illegally shared 30 songs, Joel Tenebaum will be paying the RIAA $675,000.

The organization spent $1 million to make an example of the poor bastard.

It makes me sick because the RIAA is not starving or protecting the artistis; they’re just being assholes to normal people that we can’t characterize as criminals. It’s sad that I can steal 2 CDs from Walmart and never have to worry about being in Joel’s position. If I were to get caught, sure, I should be punished. But not hung on a bloody cross in front of the store to warn others.

And here’s what the RIAA says:

“We are grateful for the jury’s service and their recognition of the impact of illegal downloading on the music community. We appreciate that Mr. Tenenbaum finally acknowledged that artists and music companies deserve to be paid for their work. From the beginning, that’s what this case has been about. We only wish he had done so sooner rather than lie about his illegal behavior.” Full post>>

Jump to the TorrentFreak article about the story>>

Or visit the Joel Fights Back, a website created to chronicle and support his efforts in court.

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Another edition of cool tees! Some of these are limited edition, as noted below, so be sure to buy them ASAP if you like 🙂


7 Dirty Words designed by Arrow. So you might be too young to recognize the point of this shirt. The typography forms the image of comedy legend George Carlin. The words belong to his most infamous bit, the 7 words you can’t say on TV. As a shirt, this is awesome. If you’re bold enough to don bad words across your chest, buy this! You’ll be wearing a piece of comedy history.

$15 + $2 shipping. Sold on Teextile. Guys and gals. Limited edition, gone next Monday.


Morrissey by Kyle Webster. Speaking of legends, The Hundreds (a great clothing brand I’ve featured before) has summoned the design finesse of Kyle Webster to create 3 t-shirts with their favorite musicians. Bjork and The Pixies are on the other two, if you’re interested. I went with this Morrissey one because it’s just awesome.

$30-40. In store only at The Hundreds Los Angeles/San Francisco. Guys. Limited Edition.

onmyoji_m_f_detailOnmyoji by xiaobaosg. Now this is a pretty sweet shirt. It’s got all those vibrant neon colors with the skeleton. It’s like it should be emo, but it’s got a creative, fun life to it.

$25 + 2.72 shipping. Designed by Humans. Guys and Gals. Limited Edition.

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Second installment of music videos that will seduce your eyes. Heh, seduce your eyes. Who writes that way? Oh, I guess I do. Anyway, the last installment featured 3 new artists. This post features 3 artists that are better established in the public eye.

1. Santigold

I love Santigold’s weird, urban sound. She’s got a unique voice and style that intrigues me. Her 1st video L.E.S. Artistes has some really cool effects. If you’ve never seen it, check it out. I chose Lights Out because it’s a newer video, and most have seen the L.E.S. Artistes vid.

2. Kanye West

Kanye’s a guilty pleasure of mine. He is, after all, a gay fish. I respect his intentions, but his executions fall short of his expectations and self-indulgent propoganda. Early Kanye is cool. Later Kanye is all right, but nothing new. It’s been a tough year, but he’s only made it tougher on himelf. Regardless, he’s got money. Money = interesting videos. Hope you enjoy this one of his song ‘Paranoid.’

3. Lady Gaga

You know, not a big fan of Gaga’s music. This ‘Paparazzi’ video transcends that because it’s a clever idea with great graphics and examples of typography. I do enjoy this song better than Poker Face. She’s a very weird personality… And warning, this video is lengthy. Worth watching from beginning to end, but lengthy. And I’m just going to say it: Gaga’s got ass, and it be nice.

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Graphic tees are a passion of mine. I’m now a collector of cool threads. Here are some of my favorites, all currently for sale, some not for long. Photos link to product.

resized_pandaguyslarge Johnny Cupcakes ’09 Panda tee. This shirt features a panda that has come across a delicious cupcake. I don’t look good in white tees, but this one is adorable. They used to have the shirt for Toddlers, which was even more adorable. Johnny Earle (AKA Johnny Cupcakes) manufactures his shirts in smaller-than-usual numbers. Get the shirt while they have your size available.

Price: $35.99 + $8 shipping. Johnny Cupcakes. For both men and women.


Rad Ass tee by The Hundreds. You know, this one is not my style. You will never catch Michael Tobias in this search, and if you do feel free to point out that it’s too cool for me. Despite that fact, the design is unique and awesome.

Price: $30 + $8 shipping. The Hundreds. Men’s only.

Picture 2Stylist by UNIQLO. I like the doodle on this shirt, plus the color of blue is incredible. It’s definitely a playful style. The only problem with UNIQLO is that there isn’t an online shop. You need to go to the store, and stores are hard to come by…

Price: $15.50. UNIQLO. Men’s only, in-store only.

top_classybearClassy Bear by Jan Avendano on TeeFury. Such a dapper bear with his round-frame glasses, little hat, and bowtie! Another good color for the summer, and I like the placement of the graphic! THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION! And you’ve got roughly 6 hrs left to buy it from TeeFury.com. Next Thursday, I’m going to post early (around midnight) so you can have a better shot at a TeeFury shirt.

Price: $9 + $2 shipping. Tee Fury. For both men and women.

This is a new feature on this blog. Do you like it, hate it? Comment to help me make this blog better.

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1 >> Chester French

Chester French is band from Wisconsin featuring two musicians DA and Max. They’ve recently been picked up Pharrell’s label Star Trak Entertainment, and they released their freshman album Love the Future. It features the song from the vid, “She Loves Everybody.”

Quirky fact: The band is named after Daniel Chester French, the man who sculpted the seated Abraham Lincoln statue at Lincoln Memorial.

2 >> Diane Birch

First saw Diane {MySpace} when she opened for James Morrison at the Granada Theater in Dallas, TX. Her band performed this cover of “What is Love,” the Haddaway song made famous by SNL.  Her debut album Bible Belt will be released on iTunes May 19th.

3 >> Musée Mécanique

I stumbled upon these guys while checking out the site for Cello group Portland Cello Project. It’s a mellow sound for a day of relaxing outdoors. Musée Mécanique hails from Portland as well, and it features the songwriting of Micah Rabwin and Sean Ogilvie.

Audio Visuals is a new addition to my blog. Is it vibing with you? I’d appreciate any feedback on this new feature or any of the musicians listed here. Stay classy, my friends.

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