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The Coffee: QT Hazelnut with some sugar.

The Art:

Kristina Collantes :: Black Bottom Warbler :: water color and Photoshop


The tunes:

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5ddaca82b178c62acb29a21861fc66acd465760e_mIf you’re looking for inspiration, head over to morganblair.com. She’s the freelance illustrator whose sketchbook is featured in this BOOOOOOOM post!

The pic on the right came up on my Google Reader via FFFFOUND!

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Here are 3 images of people without their faces visible. Each one has a different effect – though I think the first 2 were created from concept. And that’s okay.

Overall, all 3 images remove emotion from their subjects.

Take for instance, the first image tells a story about a girl whose real, emotional expression is hidden by the cartoon and shallow emotion.

She’s also naked.


Frat guys, before you high five each other, let’s figure out the intention. Is it conceptual? Maybe…but I think being naked is vulnerability. Yes? Oh, well, but she’s not. The pose is fitting for the concept. She’s naked, but not exposed. (Sorry, bros.)

The only thing that doesn’t connect…rock star J.B.F. hair. I mean…maybe this was an exercise for a hairstylist too.

Now, the second image… I think the second image has two conflicting


messages. The photographer faced two conflicts: 1) do the same as image one, or 2) connect minimalism to the emotionless. Instead of stating “LESS is MORE,” state an emotion or a passion. That way the emotion is understated, and we SEE that less is more rather than being told less is more.

And the last image makes the biggest impact…and it wasn’t birthed from a concept. It just capture something so interesting.

The soldier, emotionless out of necessity. It makes a statement about man’s best friend.

The last picture is perfect.

It teaches me that sometimes I shouldn’t try. I should just let it be.

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picture-52 How dare I ignore Barack Obama in my graffiti series???

This man has definitely inspired some interesting images and art, and that can be said about the street art around America. There are images of him and his symbol. As usual, I have found most of these images via Flickr users. Click on the images to be taken to the photographer’s photostream.

Of course these are just my favorites. Click here to see all the images, including some copyrighted ones that I couldn’t show.

//Obama Graffiti











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When you click on the photo above, you’ll be taken to takeitez’s Flickr photo of something awesome.

A prankster went to Bush St. in San Francisco, and they have changed the street sign to read Obama. This is probably the best street art I have seen to date.

If you live in San Fran, you can find the sign at the intersection of Filmore.


This may happen across the country. I know I’m looking for a Bush St. nearby….

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Mr. Wehrli rethinks modern art.

I just watched this TED talk on tidying up art. In the video, we see that Ursus Wehrli takes abstract art and tidies up the abstract shapes and colors into something orderly, as you can see in the pics below.



Brilliant. It’s wonderfully satirical and playful in every aspect – and it ignites our imaginations.

It got me to thinking how sometimes we forget the most creative path is just rethinking something that exists.

My theatre friends will understand my reference to Tim Stoppard’s play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. What is that? It’s a rethinking of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Mr. Stoppard did what Mr. Werhli does with modern art: he said, hm, there’s a different way to tell that story.

It’s the same thing we can do in our own lives.

We must take the occasional break from innovation in order to reinvent. Mess up someone’s brilliance – or clean it up. The product will at least be interesting.


Garfield Minus Garfield

Dan Walsh made a brilliant body of work by erasing Jim Davis’ beloved cat Garfield from his own comics, leaving own Jon Arbuckle to his own devices.


The result is this existential work of art. Jump to read the comics, or else>>

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Graffiti 0.0.5: Accidents

If this post was a gallery opening…

Art Collector: These paint spills are a blemish in art history. Jackson Pollack would be disappointed in the lack of craft and, let’s be honest, just plain lack of decency.

Cool Guy: So pretentious.

Art Collector: Banksy is overrated.

Cool Guy: I’ll make you eat those words!!!

A brawl ensues at the MOMA. People bring out their cellphones to capture it. Curators and security panic! And the rest of us look at the pics below and say “Hm…nice.”

///Accidental Street Art///









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The word is vulva…the couch is tacky. An art student, possibly pictured below, created this couch; they are selling it for $600. Not a bad deal. It looks a little comfortable with its clitoris pillow..

I am just…speechless.

Oh, art students!


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It’s also my new favorite mag. The design of the blog is so hip. I love the bright colors, the doodles are fun. You can read the blog for fun, inspiration, maybe advice. Either way, typography has met its true lover in this blog.

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Your breasts or manchest can contribute to the coolest breast cancer campaign ever. Keep-a-Breast.org lets people caste their chests. These castes are then turned into sweet art, which you can check out on the site and get a sample below.

Some high profile musicians, like Katy Perry and Chiodos band member Matt Goddard, are casting their chests for KAB’s Music for Awareness campaign. This is pretty cool, and you can learn more about the long list of musicians that have helped out KAB.


Volunteer your chest or artistic talents by emailing KAB here.

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