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The word is vulva…the couch is tacky. An art student, possibly pictured below, created this couch; they are selling it for $600. Not a bad deal. It looks a little comfortable with its clitoris pillow..

I am just…speechless.

Oh, art students!


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It’s also my new favorite mag. The design of the blog is so hip. I love the bright colors, the doodles are fun. You can read the blog for fun, inspiration, maybe advice. Either way, typography has met its true lover in this blog.

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Your breasts or manchest can contribute to the coolest breast cancer campaign ever. Keep-a-Breast.org lets people caste their chests. These castes are then turned into sweet art, which you can check out on the site and get a sample below.

Some high profile musicians, like Katy Perry and Chiodos band member Matt Goddard, are casting their chests for KAB’s Music for Awareness campaign. This is pretty cool, and you can learn more about the long list of musicians that have helped out KAB.


Volunteer your chest or artistic talents by emailing KAB here.

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