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medium_obamaposterThere’s a street campaign against Obama’s health care plan. It’s a poster depicting Obama dressed up as Heath Ledger’s portrayal of DC villain The Joker. The Obama Joker Posters have sprung up across Los Angeles.

No one said it was going to be a pretty fight, but I fully support government run health care. Or at least change. We can’t pretend that the health care system works. There is no prevention programs and too many people are dropped from their plans when they get sick. This is not right.

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Update: Found this great picture on Flickr of the posters on an actual landmark.

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picture-2They did it. We didn’t think they’d figure it out, but they did it.

They made fun of George H. W. Bush in Dana Carvey’s impish impersonation. Phil Hartman and Darrell Hammond nailed the swagger of Clinton. Will Ferrell lampooned George W. Bush from every angle.

What would they have on Obama? He’s a serious man with a serious agenda. He’s not serious enough to portray him as a stiff. In fact, he’s just a great guy. Who wants to make fun of a great guy.

Enter Comedy 101. Biden is your comedic contrast to Obama, the straight man. Jason Sudeikis creates a Joe Biden that is an anti-Obama: talks before he thinks, bombastic, a gaffe machine.

It’s a great angle on the administration.

On a broader note, SNL is looking good so far. They gained popularity during the election, and it seems they’re taking advantage of their larger audience. Skits are better. New cast members are funny. Plus, I love Pepsuber.

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picture-52 How dare I ignore Barack Obama in my graffiti series???

This man has definitely inspired some interesting images and art, and that can be said about the street art around America. There are images of him and his symbol. As usual, I have found most of these images via Flickr users. Click on the images to be taken to the photographer’s photostream.

Of course these are just my favorites. Click here to see all the images, including some copyrighted ones that I couldn’t show.

//Obama Graffiti











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It’s official, President Obama signed the executive order to start releasing prisoners from the controversial prison at Guantanamo Bay.

A committee formed by Obama will decide what to do with the 200+ prisoners. Countries have volunteered to take some of the prisoners, and the committee thinks this may be a good solution for some. Others, those deemed too dangerous, will remain in the country. While a luck few will see trials in their future.

Get your prisoners while they’re hot!

Obama also states that the U.S. will no longer use torture as a means of aquiring information. This is an interesting phrase since former President George W. Bush says America never tortured anyone…. We just rough housed with our prisoner friends.

Obama’s phrase doesn’t definitively say we tortured, but it’s a stern warning and strong signal. If we did, no more.

And what should we do with an empty Gitmo? Possibly a new home for lobbyists….?

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When you click on the photo above, you’ll be taken to takeitez’s Flickr photo of something awesome.

A prankster went to Bush St. in San Francisco, and they have changed the street sign to read Obama. This is probably the best street art I have seen to date.

If you live in San Fran, you can find the sign at the intersection of Filmore.


This may happen across the country. I know I’m looking for a Bush St. nearby….

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After watching Barack Obama’s speech, man, who can’t help but feel a surge of pride. As a people, we are at the start a long marathon. It’s grueling, we’re tired, and the finish line is far from us. But this man emboldens us to carry each other through one of our darkest hours.

There is already a change.

You can see it in people’s eyes – we are all so proud of this moment and so proud of this man. This man calms our fears. This man cheers our weakened spirits. This man is the best in all of us.

But he cannot do it alone. I want you to visit usaservice.org, a website created by Obama and his team. It is where he will rally the nation to renew our country. There are already projects on there waiting for you!

Let’s rebuild what has been carelessly broken.

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He’s an excellent speech writer, but President-Elect Barack Obama could use your help to write his historic speech for tomorrow’s inauguration.

It’s Mad-Libs!

You fill in the verbs, adjectives, and nouns. The generator puts them into a speech that could rival Obama’s other famous words. Make it silly, or make it dirty. It doesn’t matter.

Once your speech is generated, you can post it to Atom’s forum.

Will Obama use your speech? Don’t be a f$%#ing idiot. It’s not happening unless you hear “This is a time to advance our economy, position in the world, and gurgling tacos of democracy.”

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