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We all understand that today is quite a special Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Tomorrow, we will see America’s first Black president Barack Obama.

Have we fulfilled his dream? Well, we’ve come a long way. It’s hard to imagine that less than 50 years ago Black Americans were fighting for liberty and equality. It’s strange because racism isn’t archaic just yet. The wounds are still bleeding, but only because they were so deep.

If Obama represents anything in MLK’s speech, it’s that dreams are possible. We may have to drip blood and sweat to live those dreams, but dreams are possible. A Black man with a foreign name will be our president tomorrow. It’s no longer a dream, but a wonderful reality in which our country grows stronger.

I can’t even begin to express how amazing tomorrow will be for me. I can say that I will never forget this moment in time.

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On this first Monday of the new year, I’d like to talk about resolutions. It’s around this point, after the first weekend, when things get busy, where we learn whether our resolutions are possible.

Well, this is the year not to slack off. 1) We’re at a critical point where our decisions could win or lose this high stakes game to save the economy. 2) This is our final year to define this first decade of the new century. Thus far, this decade has been defined by tragedy and political missteps.

So while we’re trying to sustain our resolutions to eat less, drink less, read more, etc., we should add 5 more to the list. And these 5 resolutions shouldn’t be for the coming year alone; we should hold these resolutions as lifestyles.


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Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was taking into custody today.


The hot search today is for the governor’s arrest. Political junkies will have been watching the governor very closely because he was the person who chooses Obama’s successor in the Senate. The best candidates for the job have been the governor’s harshest critics.

Now it’s a good thing he’s out of the picture. It turns out that he was actually trying to sell the Senate seat to the highest bidder. What a dirty crook! In fact he said that the Senate seat “is a valuable f*cking thing. You don’t just give it away for nothing.” POTTY MOUTH!

So, we are all now interested to see how this will affect the Senate appointment.{info via National Post’s….post.}

Let’s see how this embarrassing story is trending:

He takes up 5 slots in the top 10 on Google Trends.  And I bet he’s trying to buy the other slots, the stinking thug.

The governor’s stats are interesting on Google. Today is actually not his busiest day of search traffice…hm…



On Twitter, the governor also takes 5 spots (probably bought off all those twitter-ers, ugh!) Here is an example of what people are saying:


Jump to read more tweets about the the jailbird>>

And he’s got 1000+ Diggs for the Chicago Tribune story (which you can read right here.)


Here is the Wikipedia article on Gov. Blagojevich>>

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First, watch Obama’s first weekly address:

What is this? A fireside-chat style YouTube address from President-Elect Barack Obama. Check out this past post for full details.

Now, the viral part…

The address is a hawt trend on blogs:


There are also some tweets about the address. (click the pic or here to see more tweets about this topic.)


Mashable has picked up on this story, but not CNN. Expect this topic to trend well on Monday once major networks start to pick up on this story.

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This morning’s Washington Post reports Obama’s Presidential Addresses will be broadcasted on YouTube. Why is this so cool? Well, if you have an iPhone, G1, or Blackberry Storm you can catch the address any place, any time.

President-Elect Obama’s image is rooted in being a tech-savvy guy. After all, like yours truly, he works from a Mac (so trendy, dude.) He built his campaign over online social networks and text messaging. And his administration must be not only trasparent, but user-friendly.

He’s learning from web startups! He’s creating easier channels of communication, which allows us to get involved without all the red tape. Earlier this week, obamacto.org popped up. It’s a website, funded by the third party company UserVoice, not involved with the transition team, that’s very similiar to Salesforce.org’s My Starbucks Idea. People submit ideas for Obama’s not-yet-selected Chief Technology Officer, and others vote on which idea should be the top item on the new CTO’s agenda. It’s the first CTO for the US – also another sign that things are already changing.

Get ready for, “Dude, Obama’s presidential address just went viral.”

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{via Media Page on NYT}

It was like a guy in a garage who was thinking of taking on the biggest names in the business,” Mr. Andreessen recalled. “What he was doing shouldn’t have been possible, but we see a lot of that out here and then something clicks. He was clearly supersmart and very entrepreneurial, a person who saw the world and the status quo as malleable.


The biggest question is…will it continue? I sure hope so. Change.gov went down for the weekend. Nothing changed except there are more press releases. I think it’s a great site, but it can be taken further. He’s got bigger problems ahead, less people to help, and we need his leadership during this lame duck session. Could social networking help his transition?

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Today, President-Elect Barack Obama met with President Bush to discuss private matters and ease the transition of power in January. Huffington Post posted some photos of the same event happening between Bush and then President Clinton.

Jump to Huff Post to check out the pictures:


I’m sure the 2000 meeting was a little bitter after Gore lost, but definitely not as dire as today’s meeting between our nation’s leader and future leader. I’m sure the economy took center stage in the discussion, whereas Bush and Clinton’s meeting was probably over foreign policy.

///In other news/// the best blog posts about Today’s hottest topics

Unfortunately, Britney Spears’ son was rushed to the hospital after having a seizure. Mommapop covers the full story>>


from MommaPop \/

Spears and her family were relaxing at their Louisiana Serenity estate when Jayden had a seizure and was described as being “vague and unresponsive.” When Spears was told that an ambulance would take a half-an-hour to arrive (WTF?) the Spears clan mobilized and sped to the hospital in two black SUVs, one driven by Britney and carrying her parents and son, the other drive by Jamie-Lynn with brother Brian as a passenger.

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