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imagesNow, I’ve got a buddy on the Circuit City workforce. Him and everyone else at these stores are working hard to stop the hemorrhaging of their jobs. There is some growth in Best Buy and even Walmart over the past years despite the unstable-near-recession mess we’re in right now.

Let’s see how people think of Circuit City via brandtags.net (a website that asks visitors to submit one-word responses to famous logos)


Now, it looks bad…but that’s until you see Best Buy’s BrandTags.net page:


Many visitors also slam the customer service at Best Buy. “Bad Service,” “Bad Workers,” etc…

There’s another odd thing going on. Many visitors choose to write a color from the logo…the only problem is that Circuit City’s color is red. And it jumps out at visitors. Best Buy’s logo makes people think yellow and blue. Now, it’s been agreed that there is a psychology behind colors.

If you’ve been to Circuit City, you’ll notice a lot of yellow. But it’s absent from the logo…and the website. Both have an overwhelming amount of red – a color we associate with urgency, aggression, pain, danger. It’s a little crazy how much this color represents the company. Best Buy obviously has a bad customer service problem, but it’s not hurting as bad as Circuit City.

So I’d guess that maybe Circuit City needs to get a little makeover.

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