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(Michael steps into his home to find his blog sitting on the couch.)

Michael: Hey, honey.

Blog: Hello, Michael. You’re in late.

Michael: I brought home Chinese. I got your favorite: shrimp lo-mein

Blog: What? You should’ve called. I spent the last two hours cooking you dinner.

Michael: Oh. Then I’ll put this in the–

Blog: You’ve been coming home late all week.

Michael: Right, well work. You know work.

Blog: You work from home.

Michael: Right. But…

Blog: What’s her name??

Michael: Oh god. Okay…I can’t do this anymore. You deserve better. Her name is Twitter.

Blog: Michael, how could you?

Michael: Twitter, well, it’s just newer and — and

Blog: Younger. How old is Twitter?

Michael: It’s not important.

Blog: Oh god, she IS younger than me.

Michael: Look, if it’s any consellation, I still think you’re a more reputable source of information. Maybe slower…

Blog: Slower!?

Michael: No, I mean. Uhhh, I used to take so much time working on you..

Blog: So I’m a piece of work!?

Michael: No, no, no…Damn it. It’s just you both serve different purposes. When I’ve thought about something, and I mean really thought about something, you’re where I put that information. While Twitter, well, Twitter–

Blog: Is where you get your kicks, hm?

Michael: No. Just. Communicate. I get to communicate with more people. There’s a conversation. Here I would probably reach a few people with my posts, but Twitter let’s me converse with so many more.

Blog: So you’re saying I’m obsolete…oh god, Michael…

Michael: Blog, no. Don’t think that! What we have is still special…even though…uhm, I’m not really sure what we have now. I’m figuring out how to use you.

Blog: Hmph, I already feel used.

Michael: Ugh, no, I mean I’m not deleting you.

Blog: You’re not?

Michael: No. I’ll find a way to utilize you, and I swear we’ll both grow from there.

Blog: Oh, Michael, you’ve made me the happiest blog on the planet.

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picture-7Okay, I’m like freaking out, man. The more I submerse myself into Twitter, the more I realize a future problem. Yes, it’s in my title. I fear we’re fiercely pushing towards the tipping point.

Think about it…

Twitter is the ultimate tool for conversation, and we have two types of twitter-ers. These early adopters are either building their Godin-like tribes (creating unique content that will inspire a following), or they are creating a low demand for information.

I grow suspicious of the twitter-er who follows 16,000 and has 14,000 followers. Is that person really listening to those 16,000, or just offering a common courtesy. That’s bad. See, there could be a high supply of people speaking on Twitter with a low demand from the listeners.

Information is a precious commodity. We can’t treat it like a mass produced pair of sneakers because quality counts with information. This high supply/low demand situation waters down the quality of tweets. Why speak when nobody’s listening? It’s the same thing that happened to blogs. Right now, because of sites like Huffington Post and Perez Hilton, we’re seeing a second upswing of interest in blogs. The first upswing had a big crash – everyone opened Live Journal and Xanga accounts, started speaking, and then stopped.

Why did they stop? Because there were too many speakers, not enough listeners. We got bored with our blogs because nobody was reading them.

Twitter is at the start of the upswing. It’s going to get more popular, but I don’t want to see the same crash happen to it.

Make your tweet count. Here’s some advice on shaping your content and conversations:

  • Don’t follow someone unless you want to listen to them and converse with them. If they’re tweeting useful information, they will find followers elsewhere.
  • Find a niche in #hashtags. Converse with other twitter-ers talking about the niche topics relevant to your content.
  • Read Seth Godin’s Tribes.
  • Make your Twitter soap box matter by spreading your thoughts, revelations, and expertise.
  • If you’re going to converse via Twitter, make it a conversation that more than 2 people will care about.
  • Retweet the relevant. Twitter is the conversation that’s happening now (loosely translated from @unmarketing‘s famous tweet.) Don’t retweet the trivial – remember it is a recommendation.
  • And it’s still okay to share your life. Sometimes we’re following because you do exciting things!
  • Use TweetDeck: if you’re going to truly interact and deliver relevant content, TweetDeck helps you. It gives notifications of new tweets and @replies to you, let’s you shorten URLs to share, connects with TwitPic, and simplifies all of these actions.

Don’t have a Twitter account yet? Sign up. And then follow @miketobias (haha…but only if you think I have something to say.)

Have an account? You can tweet this: http://tr.im/em9e

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On this first Monday of the new year, I’d like to talk about resolutions. It’s around this point, after the first weekend, when things get busy, where we learn whether our resolutions are possible.

Well, this is the year not to slack off. 1) We’re at a critical point where our decisions could win or lose this high stakes game to save the economy. 2) This is our final year to define this first decade of the new century. Thus far, this decade has been defined by tragedy and political missteps.

So while we’re trying to sustain our resolutions to eat less, drink less, read more, etc., we should add 5 more to the list. And these 5 resolutions shouldn’t be for the coming year alone; we should hold these resolutions as lifestyles.


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Wow, if you’re a reader at the blogs Reverse Cowgirl and Debauchette, you’re going to notice something about the new American Apparel ads. Nipples. Female nipples. Provocative…

The California company is known for its racy ads, but they are ready to turn up the heat. People are going to fuss, but the company just don’t give a s$%&! It says the body is natural and normal. Oh boy…

Of course this is also nothing new in the American ad market. Abercrombie and Fitch was the racy company of the 90s with its Christmas catalogs featuring topless girls and half-naked guys. Of course, only 18+ customers could buy it. It wasn’t an ad floating out there on the internet.

Here are the SFW work pics, but you can visit the blogs for the full definitely NSFW pics.



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First, watch Obama’s first weekly address:

What is this? A fireside-chat style YouTube address from President-Elect Barack Obama. Check out this past post for full details.

Now, the viral part…

The address is a hawt trend on blogs:


There are also some tweets about the address. (click the pic or here to see more tweets about this topic.)


Mashable has picked up on this story, but not CNN. Expect this topic to trend well on Monday once major networks start to pick up on this story.

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Many sites want you to sign up, but the tumblelog My Soup actually lets you play around before you sign up.


I’m surprised this doesn’t happen on more social networks. Before I give you my personal info, let me make a test profile. Let me see if your interface is user-friendly.

Before I settled on WordPress, I started a Blogger, Tumblr, Vox, LiveJournal, Pownce… I had good experiences, but ultimately I had bad experiences. Now all of those sites have Michael Tobias info in their servers…and I would’ve saved a lot more time and headaches.

Or for social bookmarking sites, develop a temporary plug-in that allows me to see how your toolbar is feng shui on my browser. (After all, Facebook has a nice little share button that doesn’t complicate my browser.) What does your toolbar look like on my browser? Let me see it, even if the temporary toolbar isn’t functional (Oh, and slap a sign up button on that temp toolbar in case I’m ready to give in to your site.)

Just a few ideas.

(Psst…I think I still like Tumblr more than My Soup for micro-blogging.)

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Via Perez Hilton, we find out that ellen talks about the bittersweet Tuesday she had.


The issue is certainly hot on other blogs:


And users on Flickr are certainly capturing the historic protests. A search for “proposition 8 protest” brings some very stark images of the intensity in California.


And now let’s look at the tweets about Prop 8. Tweets are coming in fast on Twitter Search. It’s the 5th issue on twitter-er’s minds.




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Topping Google Trends is an election-related marketing strategy from the producers at the Broadway play American Buffalo by David Mamet. Wow. I can’t believe a play is a top trend. The producers would like everybody in New York from now until Novemeber 16th can get half price tickets.


Now let’s jump into the other top 10: The real winner wasn’t American Buffalo.


Throughout the top 100, and twice in the top ten, we see a giant interest samurai related weapons, but the weird item of today is the search term “what weapon is synonymous with samurai warriors.” One, it’s interesting that so many people would all enter such a long search term with such interesting wording…Hm, let’s dig deeper.

Well, for one thing, it confused other bloggers too. It is an odd question…and odd that the question is so popular. But it’s even more odd that other searchers know to use the term “katana.” Let’s plug that in, and I’ll tell you what I get. Aha! This blog, Collections Moblie Phone Blog, note that Sprint is releasing the Katana Eclipse X. It’s the big news from Sprint yesterday…

But the news was lost in the election fuzz. And nobody today is searching for phones..just “katana sword,” “naginata,” “samurai warriors.” Weird.

Also, a $300 dollar laptop, the Compaq CQ 50 139WM, is very popular on the trends today. Time for holiday shopping…. Sorry, Thanksgiving, we’ll celebrate you once we’re done buying Wiis for holiday gifts. Robert Gibbs was tapped as Obama’s press secretary, and he makes it onto the top 10. AT&T gobbles up the wi-fi company Wayport to make “wayport” a trendy search term. Noisy gossipers wanna know more about Lisa Rinna and for some odd reason Leanna Creel…

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CBC reports that those Star Wars-like Holograms on CNN weren’t holograms, but really tomograms:


Does it matter that our election coverage had holograms or computer generated scenery (as on MSNBC)? Both of these networks have benefited from the past 20+ months of historic election coverage, and this coming Monday people will not choose to continue watching because of special effects.

I draw a parallel to using Flash intros. Yes, they’re so cool. But is that why people come to your website? No. A great Flash intro cannot make up for bad content.

But where does CNN win? That really cool touch screen. Not because it’s an unprecedented special effect or gimmick, but because it is a neat tool that helps John King deliver great content. Javascript that allows Facebook users to send messages to each other without leaving a profile is another neat tool.

Hologram. Meh. I can do without them. But I will say this: It got some attention in the blog worlds:


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Twitter Search and Google Trends have the sad news of Michael Crichton’s death as their top issue. Twitter-ers are also tweeting about California and Proposition 8. Google’s volcanic topic is Rahm Emmanuel being tapped for Obama’s chief of staff. Of course, it’s Nov 5 so Guy Fawkes is on Twitter-er’s minds.

Now, what’s the hot topic on blogs? It’s Barack Obama by a landslide. Also, the news that Google broke its advertising agreement with Yahoo. I expect to see some Prop 8 blogposts in the near future.





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