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Via Boing Boing post, I saw this pic of an exploding Teddy Bear. Pretty awesome looking.


The picture was shot by Dan Tobin Smith. Sweet.

Here are some other pics from the photographer on his website:


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I just read on Boing Boing that radio station WFMU’s website had a contest to transform that awkward photo of McCain from the 3rd debate. You know, the one that makes him look like a zombie:


Here is one result:


If you’re ready for the most bizarre pics, click the moshing McCain to jump to the WFMU’s contest page.

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boingboing.net /// There’s no surprise that this is on my reader. It’s one of the most popular blogs on the planet, feeding random content about all that is wonderful about this world.

sethgodin.typepad.com/// I read Why All Marketers Are Liars, and after that I went out and read every book from the Godin series. Seth has a knack for theorizing paradigm shifts in the marketing industry. He takes a look at the real business world to give a little guidance to us.

macalicious.com/// I need to stay updated on everything Mac!

theproducersperspective.com/// Ken Davenport is the most tech-savvy producer on and off Broadway right now. So, I like to stay updated with his great innovations and projects. I’m also a member of his new social network site Broadway Space.

Of course, I’m also subscribed to Ignite’s blog to see updates from our collaborators from across the country. I’ll put a blogroll [what’s that?] up later!

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