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If you want business cards from Staples it might be slightly inconvenient. Their online workshop only supports the Internet Explorer browser. This is despite the fact that most users have Firefox, and it completely eliminates Mac users.

I can still shop there because I have a Windows computer with IE, but that’s not the point. Companies that have the dough to develop online services across browsers shouldn’t support the least popular browser. It’s ridiculous.

The investment in the technology is already worth the amount of new potential users.

To be fair, I can see how they rationalized this decision. Most adults – the people that would design professional cards and stationary – are not part of the demographic that uses Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Chrome. They probably still use the archaic IE. But the new generation of business professionals is already tech-savvy enough to use Firefox.

Staples, you’ve been warned.


For those of you who still think that I.E. is a superior browser to Firefox. Here’s an article from CNET comparing I.E. 7 to Firefox 3. Mozilla’s browser wins every single test from cool features, speed, and even security.

Firefox also integrates third party add-ons, which can be useful for your particular field. Like most web developers, I use Firebug to test PHP code.

As more browsers start to use PHP/Flash/JavaScript speed becomes more important. Firefox leaves I.E. in the dust when processing those codes. Even with high speed internet, the browser can take a while to process more complicated actions.

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