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s-DOBBS-largeMy vote is yes. Lou Dobbs should be released from his post at CNN. Free speech is one thing, but Lou Dobbs is tossing bales of hay into the racially-fueled ‘birther‘ fire. It’s ludicrous to question President Obama’s legitimacy as a U.S. citizen, but the man continues to support the notion.

But we’ve heard crazier from Coulter and Glenn Beck; Lord knows we’ve heard some nastiness from Limbaugh. So what makes Dobbs different?

Read this Huff Post article titled Lou Dobbs a “Publicity Nightmare” for CNN and decide for yourself.

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CBC reports that those Star Wars-like Holograms on CNN weren’t holograms, but really tomograms:


Does it matter that our election coverage had holograms or computer generated scenery (as on MSNBC)? Both of these networks have benefited from the past 20+ months of historic election coverage, and this coming Monday people will not choose to continue watching because of special effects.

I draw a parallel to using Flash intros. Yes, they’re so cool. But is that why people come to your website? No. A great Flash intro cannot make up for bad content.

But where does CNN win? That really cool touch screen. Not because it’s an unprecedented special effect or gimmick, but because it is a neat tool that helps John King deliver great content. Javascript that allows Facebook users to send messages to each other without leaving a profile is another neat tool.

Hologram. Meh. I can do without them. But I will say this: It got some attention in the blog worlds:


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