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rickygervais_wideweb__430x322I just watched Ghost Town today, and I am always impressed with Mr. Gervais’ style of comedy. (I’m a huge fan of The Office and Extras.)

Well, I stumbled upon his open letter to President Barack Obama, found here. (It should be the second post down right now.)

The letter is a great literary feat of wit, delicious absurdity, and diplomacy. It’s fucking awesome.

Read it. You will love it.

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picture-2They did it. We didn’t think they’d figure it out, but they did it.

They made fun of George H. W. Bush in Dana Carvey’s impish impersonation. Phil Hartman and Darrell Hammond nailed the swagger of Clinton. Will Ferrell lampooned George W. Bush from every angle.

What would they have on Obama? He’s a serious man with a serious agenda. He’s not serious enough to portray him as a stiff. In fact, he’s just a great guy. Who wants to make fun of a great guy.

Enter Comedy 101. Biden is your comedic contrast to Obama, the straight man. Jason Sudeikis creates a Joe Biden that is an anti-Obama: talks before he thinks, bombastic, a gaffe machine.

It’s a great angle on the administration.

On a broader note, SNL is looking good so far. They gained popularity during the election, and it seems they’re taking advantage of their larger audience. Skits are better. New cast members are funny. Plus, I love Pepsuber.

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