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Google announced today that it would not be going steady with Yahoo. They couldn’t get over the prenup, and some of Google’s friends were concerned about this relationship. So, Google thought long and hard about it. They even tried to give it one more shot, but today Google just wants to be friends.

The breakup was done in a noisy restaurant…meaning today everyone doesn’t care unless you’re covering yesterday’s election, Prop 8, and the Senate race results.

What does this mean for Yahoo? Well, it means that Jerry Yang and David Filo have to start thinking about the future of their company. This is the second big hit this week after Yahoo announced it would be shutting down its streaming video site Yahoo Live.

Here’s a pic of the cloud from the website Brandtags.net. People are shown a brand (in this case Yahoo’s logo) and they write down the first word they associate with the Brand. Yahoo’s results page show words like “dead,” “lame,” and “not google.”


So, good luck, Jerry and David. You guys just weren’t ready for a grown up relationship. I know, your hearts are broken. But there are other fish in the sea.

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