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Around 7, Rahm’s presence decreased as the evening continued. According to Google Blog Search, the blogs are still buzzing about his promotion. The majority of tweets are from foreigners passing on the news. His Facebook page saw a small surge of 200 fans. (But I’m still going to keep an eye on it.)

Earlier, American Buffalo, the play by David Mamet, had dropped from the trend radar at Google. But both Rahm and American Buffalo are there right now:


On to the next appointment’s….

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Topping Google Trends is an election-related marketing strategy from the producers at the Broadway play American Buffalo by David Mamet. Wow. I can’t believe a play is a top trend. The producers would like everybody in New York from now until Novemeber 16th can get half price tickets.


Now let’s jump into the other top 10: The real winner wasn’t American Buffalo.


Throughout the top 100, and twice in the top ten, we see a giant interest samurai related weapons, but the weird item of today is the search term “what weapon is synonymous with samurai warriors.” One, it’s interesting that so many people would all enter such a long search term with such interesting wording…Hm, let’s dig deeper.

Well, for one thing, it confused other bloggers too. It is an odd question…and odd that the question is so popular. But it’s even more odd that other searchers know to use the term “katana.” Let’s plug that in, and I’ll tell you what I get. Aha! This blog, Collections Moblie Phone Blog, note that Sprint is releasing the Katana Eclipse X. It’s the big news from Sprint yesterday…

But the news was lost in the election fuzz. And nobody today is searching for phones..just “katana sword,” “naginata,” “samurai warriors.” Weird.

Also, a $300 dollar laptop, the Compaq CQ 50 139WM, is very popular on the trends today. Time for holiday shopping…. Sorry, Thanksgiving, we’ll celebrate you once we’re done buying Wiis for holiday gifts. Robert Gibbs was tapped as Obama’s press secretary, and he makes it onto the top 10. AT&T gobbles up the wi-fi company Wayport to make “wayport” a trendy search term. Noisy gossipers wanna know more about Lisa Rinna and for some odd reason Leanna Creel…

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