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Special Note: For those tracking this story, I will make a special comment on his daily trending stats in my “3 in the morning” post.

///Volcanic Congressman///

So, the news of Rahm Emanuel’s appointment to head Obama’s staff is volcanic. Let’s look at some snapshots of where there is activity and where there will be activity.

First, Google Trends. He’s numero uno, trumping any searches on Palin, Obama, or Prop 8. Earlier I noted that American Buffalo and a weird query about samurai weapons topped the charts. Now, the spotlight goes to Rahm.

Earlier, Rahm was popular on Twitter, but right now Prop 8 is getting more passion. The opinions of Twitter-ers is driving the conversation on Twitter, whereas Rahm was getting news tweets. Still, in true Twitter form, people are still talking:


I took this snapshot of Rahm’s page on Facebook. Right now, as the shot shows, there are 1,813 supporters behind his political career. But he’s just accepted a job. Will the page go down in 3 months, will it gain more fans. Hm, I can only wonder.


Here are some of the wall posts in response to today’s news:


In social news, diggers haven’t put an article about Rahm in the top diggs:


On Delicious, Rahm’s stats aren’t very good either. It seems he’s been overlooked there too:


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