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Another edition of cool tees! Some of these are limited edition, as noted below, so be sure to buy them ASAP if you like 🙂


7 Dirty Words designed by Arrow. So you might be too young to recognize the point of this shirt. The typography forms the image of comedy legend George Carlin. The words belong to his most infamous bit, the 7 words you can’t say on TV. As a shirt, this is awesome. If you’re bold enough to don bad words across your chest, buy this! You’ll be wearing a piece of comedy history.

$15 + $2 shipping. Sold on Teextile. Guys and gals. Limited edition, gone next Monday.


Morrissey by Kyle Webster. Speaking of legends, The Hundreds (a great clothing brand I’ve featured before) has summoned the design finesse of Kyle Webster to create 3 t-shirts with their favorite musicians. Bjork and The Pixies are on the other two, if you’re interested. I went with this Morrissey one because it’s just awesome.

$30-40. In store only at The Hundreds Los Angeles/San Francisco. Guys. Limited Edition.

onmyoji_m_f_detailOnmyoji by xiaobaosg. Now this is a pretty sweet shirt. It’s got all those vibrant neon colors with the skeleton. It’s like it should be emo, but it’s got a creative, fun life to it.

$25 + 2.72 shipping. Designed by Humans. Guys and Gals. Limited Edition.

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