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Picture 13

So where does the image come from? Yooouuutuuube.com, a website that takes youtube videos and visualizes them in a cool way. The site really made its debut when a video of Disney’s Alice and Wonderland (one Alice’s songs played backwards) made the ranks of Digg.

I thought that a video could make for a good background. So I tried screenshots of different videos visualized on Yooouuutuuube, and I settled on concert footage of Daft Punk’s Alive tour.

Before visiting Yooouuutuuube, make sure you have the latest version of Flash and decent memory. That or get ready for LOTS of buffering.

I’m going to go back to watching the Alice video…

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So, the New York Times put a mortgage on its building to help pay the bills. Uh oh…

That’s not good. That’s what my uncle does when he needs to pay the bills, and that means newspapers are screwed. We’ve all thought it. Online news has already become vastly more popular than its paper cousin.

The big problem is that news organizations are now financially sick in this recession. Really sick. I mean, Lifetime sick.

And sadly there are few alternatives to the current revenue models. If money doesn’t flow in, we’re bound to lose some of our favorite features on these news sites. That means in this globalized world, it’ll be tougher and slower to get news updates from these orgs.

Here are 2 possible replacements:

///Subscription Based Websites

OH GOD PLEASE NOOOOOO!!!! We’ve grown used to free news. Not just any free news, good free news. It’d be a different story if I only read Arlington Star Telegram for free. But I read the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, New York Times, and L.A. Times.

Ads can’t cover the costs of running a paper the size of the NYT or Post, especially when advertisers are getting smaller budgets. Suddenly a full-page ad in the paper seems like a bad idea when they can reach more people with TV or Google ads.

Subscriptions could eliminate ads from the sites. Some blogs and news sites already do it. (Daily Kos comes to mind.) This might not be so bad. (It f***s my wallet though.)

I also have a problem with this model because it lacks the openness that exists throughout the web. It’s a little blow to net neutrality – many people from across the world wouldn’t have access to these great resources.

But, before that future looks too bleak, let’s move on.

///Social News

Papers face a major challenge on the web: minute-by-minute content. Back in the day papers could mollify readers with 3 updates in a day, but our generation needs a larger amount of content and updates. Advertisers need more content to ensure their ads are seen by a large amount of traffic.

So, news sites have several features that are fatty, features that can be cut. Say no to fatties!! Erm, fatty content. Let’s move onto my point…

These news sites do not have to be responsible for this content.

Some examples:

The New York Times collaborate with a local TV news station. The station uploads video content via the New York Times site, sends over some employees to New York Times,  and uses a social site like YouTube or Vimeo to upload the embeddable videos to the news site. This would cut back the need to tape reporters (like the Times does), and it empowers people to spread the news, which would bring more traffic to your site to satisfy your advertisers (even though they’re already slapping an ad before your site’s vid…)

Invest in developing a social news site. Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, proved to us that articles can go viral. I’ve been waiting for a news site with social actions similar to Digg. Hasn’t happened. Ugh. Silly newspapers, you think that adding comments t your articles is enough. NOOO!!! You need to add interactive ranking to your articles, plus allow comments on comments, and ranking on comments…like Digg.

Then your site becomes an experience.

Millions of people waste time on Digg just commenting and ranking comments…If you add that to your site, your advertisers will pay attention to your higher traffic. Oh yeah, like big dogs eyeing your meaty steak. TASTY TRAFFIC!!!

Oh yes, the future doesn’t look so bad. Plus I’m sure the New York Times will eventually benefit from no longer worrying about the distribution and production of papers. And sadly no longer worrying about those salaries of people it cut from those sectors…sigh…recession’s suck.

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Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was taking into custody today.


The hot search today is for the governor’s arrest. Political junkies will have been watching the governor very closely because he was the person who chooses Obama’s successor in the Senate. The best candidates for the job have been the governor’s harshest critics.

Now it’s a good thing he’s out of the picture. It turns out that he was actually trying to sell the Senate seat to the highest bidder. What a dirty crook! In fact he said that the Senate seat “is a valuable f*cking thing. You don’t just give it away for nothing.” POTTY MOUTH!

So, we are all now interested to see how this will affect the Senate appointment.{info via National Post’s….post.}

Let’s see how this embarrassing story is trending:

He takes up 5 slots in the top 10 on Google Trends.  And I bet he’s trying to buy the other slots, the stinking thug.

The governor’s stats are interesting on Google. Today is actually not his busiest day of search traffice…hm…



On Twitter, the governor also takes 5 spots (probably bought off all those twitter-ers, ugh!) Here is an example of what people are saying:


Jump to read more tweets about the the jailbird>>

And he’s got 1000+ Diggs for the Chicago Tribune story (which you can read right here.)


Here is the Wikipedia article on Gov. Blagojevich>>

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{via Read Write Web post}

So, a little after the fourth minute of the most recent Diggnation, Kevin Rose made feminists very uncomfortable when he said the following:

“there is only one time you can strike [a woman] if she kicks you in the balls, you have the ability and the right, to punch her in the teat – it’s just like that – it’s kinda like tit for tat…It hurts them, it does too – or take a scissors to the teat

Dude, maybe you should stop giving women a reason to kick you in the balls…

Well, now he’s apologizing for the remark:

“I’d like to apologize for some comments I made in the latest episode of Diggnation, which came off as insensitive on the topic of violence towards women. Alex and I have always viewed Diggnation as an outlet to push the limits in a comedic fashion. Obviously, violence against women is serious and something we don’t advocate in any way.”

Now, the interesting part of this story is in the comment section on Digg for this story. I want to explain the system. Users can vote up or vote down the comments users post. If you like a comment, you give it a digg. If you don’t like a comment, you take away a digg. Keep that in mind…

Here are a sampling of the comments left by users:

way too uptight, sugartits. (136 diggs.)

I’m sure if he hadn’t apologized there would’ve been be a vast increase in tit clippings at hospitals across the world. Please. Learn to judge the connotation of what people say. (77 diggs.)

boohooohoo, cry me a river, lighten up bitches it’s all in good fun. (49 diggs.)

Let’s compare with supporters of Kevin’s action:

All I can think of is A) Good for you Kev for apologizing and B) What a well-written article! (-19 diggs.)

We all have brain farts from time to time. Props to Rose for admitting his mistake and apologizing for it. (-11 diggs.)

cutting a woman’s nipples with scissors isn’t funny, it’s sadistic, ok? it was a ***** up thing to say and he apologized for it. (-43 diggs.)

And luckily there are some real winners:

In response to the comment:i don’t think he should have had to apologize for that… The First Amendment allows it. (63 diggs.)

Whether it’s allowed and whether it’s appropriate are two VERY different things. (49 diggs.)

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Diggers Await…


Man… Genius tracked on Twitter…

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This came up on my Digg feed, and the digger challenges other diggers to guess. Well, it’s none of the famous peeps like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Sergey Brin. If you guessed Steve Urkel…it’s time to stop watching Nick at Nite.

See the top 10 tech wizards according to itnews>>

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Special Note: For those tracking this story, I will make a special comment on his daily trending stats in my “3 in the morning” post.

///Volcanic Congressman///

So, the news of Rahm Emanuel’s appointment to head Obama’s staff is volcanic. Let’s look at some snapshots of where there is activity and where there will be activity.

First, Google Trends. He’s numero uno, trumping any searches on Palin, Obama, or Prop 8. Earlier I noted that American Buffalo and a weird query about samurai weapons topped the charts. Now, the spotlight goes to Rahm.

Earlier, Rahm was popular on Twitter, but right now Prop 8 is getting more passion. The opinions of Twitter-ers is driving the conversation on Twitter, whereas Rahm was getting news tweets. Still, in true Twitter form, people are still talking:


I took this snapshot of Rahm’s page on Facebook. Right now, as the shot shows, there are 1,813 supporters behind his political career. But he’s just accepted a job. Will the page go down in 3 months, will it gain more fans. Hm, I can only wonder.


Here are some of the wall posts in response to today’s news:


In social news, diggers haven’t put an article about Rahm in the top diggs:


On Delicious, Rahm’s stats aren’t very good either. It seems he’s been overlooked there too:


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