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A lot of good TV shows got canceled (Eli Stone, Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money.) Not just any good shows. Shows with a fan base.

Why? Because we’re the worst customers.

And I don’t mean we’re not faithful to our product. I mean, we’re the worst in the sense that we don’t fund the show. Doesn’t that suck? Our demand for a show isn’t directly related to the success of the product.

An advertiser’s demand, on the other hand, is the only demand that matters.

Nielson ratings crunch numbers and statistics that are supposed to represent the whole viewing population, and then the advert men decide whether they want to purchase the product.

And that to me is absolutely crazy.

Hollywood has started to give TV stations exclusivity to movies over iTunes and Netflix. You can’t download it, but you can catch it on NBC… and that again takes the purchasing power out of our hands. Instead of hoping for good sales from the fans, the purchasing power is given to advertisers. UGH! I want to spend my money, but I’m being told to save it for Viagra and Coca-Cola.

As a potential up-and-comer, my goal will be to sell shows to producers that will make exclusivity contracts with companies like Hulu. Sure, the advertisers are still in the equation. But they don’t have the damn power. We do. A viewer decides whether they’ll add the show to their queue or not. They fuel a production, not Pepsi.

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