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imagesBoy, these are tough times for the American workforce. When we talk about layoffs, it’s bittersweet. I say that because layoffs can mean companies are prioritizing to face the hard times ahead. And, at the same time, layoffs mean thousands of families that must struggle to find new means of surviving. According to ABC news, this morning’s layoff total will climb past 40,000 [jump to the article]

Three search requests are dominating Google’s top 20: Caterpillar Layoffs[#8],  Sprint Layoffs [#10], and Home Depot Layoffs 2009 [#17]. The search terms Home Depot Expo [#4] and Expo Design Center [#6] comes with the news that, in addition to layoffs, Home Depot will be shutting all of its expo centers [source]. The list stores can be found here. Caterpillar has it rough, too. They will be cutting 20% of their workforce.

Missing from the trending is Pfizer, which will also be laying off employees after acquiring Wyeth for $68 billion dollars.

So, it’s tough to see Caterpillar and Home Depot having trouble, but also a telecommunication company? Sprint will be laying off 8,000 people. That’s 13% of its entire workforce.images-1

There is a stimulus package in the works; President Obama has been fiercely pushing for its approval. Today’s news only emphasizes the rising need for help. Also, it should be a signal to Obama that job creation is a priority above Iraq. I’m ready for the end of Iraq–get our soldiers home–but we definitely found the hole in the bottom of the boat. It’s jobs.

Today Tim Geithner, Obama’s pick for Treasury Secretary, will face the Senate again for approval. For those out of the loop, the Senate is concerned over Tim Geithner’s past failure to pay his taxes. He is also proposing a 700 billion dollar program to help the economy, one that also concerns the Senate.

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