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116009_02880_pre-500x333Who’s with me? Fine, I guess we can’t stage a coup. I’m just worried that average American youth are going to watch ABC Family’s “Legally Blondes” and like it.

Now the movie originally went straight to DVD last April, where it may have died next to some copies of “Ice Princess.” But ABC Family has dared to buy the rights to syndicate it on their channel, and most likely play it 40,000 times. (Starting last night.)

And that’s when things start to erode even further. Suddenly America is in four wars, more people are starving, earthquakes, Andy Dick has a career again, and Obama turns out to be Kenyan instead of American. Then everyone’s going to be like, “We should’ve listened to Mike when he was wielding a shotgun and yelling crazy things from his drunken stupor.”

The synopsis is that these two blondies are relatives of Elle Woods, the main character from the first movie. They go to a prep school and find things are difficult. They then abandon their BFF and gay buddy to join the bitchy click, grow closer to the super cute guy failing a math, and then turn bitchier than the bitches they hated. Along the way, they learn wizardry and discover their dogs are horcruxes. Afterwards they skip school to spend the day in Chicago before having to destroy Voldemort and their bestfriend’s father’s car.

Or something like that…

My rating for Legally Blondes: Dangerous for Our Youth.

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ryan_reynolds_deadpool_x_men_origins_wolverineI saw on Yahoo that X-Men Origins: Wolverine will spinoff into a new movie [Variety] about Ryan Reynold’s character, Deadpool. By now it’s agreed that Dark Knight is the finest action movie about a superhero. It contained a strong story, complimented by strong performances, under the precise direction of Christopher Nolan.

The Nolan/Bale Batman franchise has brought them money, but both director and star know that great films take time and thought. Something you will not see on the Marvel side.

Why create a Deadpool spinoff? Was it because Ryan Reynold’s performance was a brief saving grace in Wolverine? I have reason to believe that Marvel wants to join the current trend of announcing sequels/prequels after a movie release (like Star Trek and The Hangover.)

Christopher Nolan has a story for a third Batman, but he’s not even sure that a third film is necessary. Yes, there is money to be made on a third Batman film. Dear lord, the marketing would be a breeze. It’s never hard to make a sequel, but why make a pointless sequel?

I know the answer is money. It’s just such a large contrast: 1 brand being protected while the other is pimped out. With the addition of a Wolverine sequel and the Magneto origin story, that brings the total X-Men films to 7… 7 films with only two passing as good…(X 1 and 2.)

You may have expanded beyond your fanbase, Marvel, but the good times will come to an end.

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This is a quick post. I just saw the coraline commercial, and the reviews, while good, sound like they’re bankhanded compliments.

“Best film of the year…”

when it’s only been a month…

“Best film in 3D…”

But..not a good film compared to normal ones?

It’s a sloppy commercial. The plot isn’t clear, and the audio always sounds off. Seeing Friday the 13th made me want to see Jason slash Coraline in half with his machete. Now, that’d be a good commercial.

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