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Tomorrow morning I leave for New York, and I decided that it was time to prepare for my trip in a new way. I’ve already been using Twitter search to find some cool places and learn about real people’s experiences. Now, as seen in this blog post, I’m using Flickr.

A simple search of “favorite place New York,” and, hey, look at that. Results.

So thanks to Flickr users I can now see through their camera lens these great places. I can visit the fountain at Bryant Park. I can try out some breakfast at Square Diner. If I’m not hungry, but in need of inspiration, I can go to the New York public library to consult the marble statues.

Bam, no need to buy a $20 travel guide.

Click here to see all the results for the search query “favorite place New York.” Trust me, I left you a lot of treasures to discover on your own. 🙂

{Katz pic by jasonyungny}

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//Update 11:05 A.M. JAN 16

Here is a great video of the plane.

Plus a good example of a vlog on flight 1549. I hope you’re out there sharing your opinions via vids, and the comments on the following vid are a great read.

//UPDATE 10:55 A.M. JAN 16


As I’ve said before, we’re all now fans of Capt. Sullenberger. Now you can show that respect and admiration via Facebook groups. There is one tribute group that already has 2,000+ members. It’s called “Pilot of Flight 1549 Chesley B. ‘Sully’ Sullenberger III.” Folks have posted their thanks on the group’s wall, and some have joined the few discussions. One jumped out to me: “GIVE MONEY TO THE HERO?” People debate whether Sully should receive an award for his heroism, and I promise some great things have been said. Jump to the group>>


This story has started to make an impression on the photo-sharing site Flickr. If you search “Flight 1549” you can find some interesting pictures of the crash site, like the one above. There are also photos of the flight path and survivors. Click here to jump to the search>>

Below, you can find a picture of the plane pre-crash.


U.S. Flight 1549 took off from La Guardia Airport this afternoon only to crash land moments later into the freezing Hudson River. Everyone is alive. That is, except for some geese (we think.)

Apparently, the smallest object can destroy the engine of a plane. Most of the time, pilots are on the look out for birds. A single bird can seriously damage that engine – so it stands to reason that a flock of geese could’ve caused 1549 to make an emergency landing.

So let’s see how it’s trending.


People normally use Twitter to send their followers short reports on major news events. You can still find some of those, but a large group of twitter-ers are sending their thanks to the pilot Captain Chesley Sullenberger. He saved the day, and he deserves every bit of thanks.

picture-3In a very interesting move, Captain “Sully” is using Twitter sort of. A fan set up an account to honor him.


And as you can see below, the event has dominated Twitter.



Google shows that the plane crash is the hottest trend right now. All top 10 spots are search terms related to to the crash:


In fact, it dominates nearly the entire top 100 search terms. People are looking for sites with coverage, and Google is certainly helping.


Here’s one blog with a picture of the plane moments before its landing.

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6th ed. covers graffiti of ninjas. {via Flickr}

Street artists and ninjas are very similar. They both are stealthy. Both are awesome. And both are now on my blog!









Check out some pics of ninja graffiti that aren’t creative common after the jump>>

(CC in order ~ 10b travelling, caffeina, katayun, badjonni, Will Pate, occ4m, pip)

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I consider being one with nature.

Many people love nature or feeling natural – something like that. I’m not so green. Mostly, if I can help it, I resist being outdoors, especially since I live in Texas.

I mean I love nature. I’ve included it as one of the items on zen page. But…it’s kind of a treat in my life. You know, the occasional picnic or football game.

It’s not the same experience as Thoreau’s Walden. In fact…it’s noting like that at all…and that’s always been ok.

But as a person who does a lot of work on my computer, I’ve become concerned with my poor relationship with nature. In an increasingly technological world, it’s hard to think of nature as an important part of our lives beyond the climate crisis.

We mostly talk about nature as abused and doomed. Or we associate it with exercise: during the summer, I chose to jog in my local park’s trails because it was cool beneath the trees.

I don’t want to hug a tree or lay in the grass, but I want the park/woods/lake to be a common locale in the story of my life. I want to make sure that the desk in my office isn’t the most common wood in my life…That’d be ashame.

I found some Flickr pics of my local park, River Legacy, and I thought I would share them with you. (Man, you can find anything on Flickr.)




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{via users on Flickr}

Pilgrims, enjoy your day of football, food, and family.




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///Chalk Street Art Edition!///

I rummaged through Flickr to find some sweet pics of chalk art.






///Julian Beever///

If you haven’t heard about this perspective artist, you’re missing out. His chalk art is a delicious mind-f#$@!! : D Julian Beever is magic, and I’m a believer. Check out my favs below, or find your own>>



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First off, yes the post office is closed. A look over Google Trends will show that most people are wondering if the mail comes today. It’s an odd day for a post office to be closed – usually they get the Monday off. Oh well.

If you’re trying to figure out if your bank is closed…you’ll have to call. Each bank has a different policy when it comes to Vets Day.

Today we celebrate and honor our country’s greatest heroes who do so much and ask for so little. Here is some great stuff around the internet that honors veterans.

People share the heroes they know on Flickr:


David Higginbotham puts this stark photo on his Flickr:


And Google, as usual, gets into the spirit of things with a changed logo:


And twitter-ers are expressing their honor to our vets. In fact it’s today’s top trend! (Click the photo to jump to more Vet Day tweets):


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All those cute hybrid pups are getting attention thanks to Obama’s press conference remarks about getting a shelter dog that’s a mutt like him. Here are president-elect Barack Obama’s full remarks on his appointment of first puppy of the United States of America:

With respect to the dog, this is a major issue. I think it’s generated more interest on our Web site than just about anything.

We have … we have two criteria that have to be reconciled. One is that Malia is allergic, so it has to be hypoallergenic. There are a number of breeds that are hypoallergenic.

On the other hand, our preference would be to get a shelter dog, but, obviously, a lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me. So … so whether we’re going to be able to balance those two things I think is a pressing issue on the Obama household.

Now mutts are happy to get a nod from the president-elect. He is of course referring to his being half-white and half-black.

So what is the definition of a mutt:


^ Mutts never get good PR…or definitions. Mongrels, half-breeds…those are the most flattering descriptions of those pups.

Obama’s comment is trending well on Twitter with people saying that they’re mutts too, or twitter-ers saying mutt was a bad choice of words. See what they’re saying>>


Now enjoy this cute mutt Chocolate from Flickr:


And of course feel free to browse more mutts>>

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Via Perez Hilton, we find out that ellen talks about the bittersweet Tuesday she had.


The issue is certainly hot on other blogs:


And users on Flickr are certainly capturing the historic protests. A search for “proposition 8 protest” brings some very stark images of the intensity in California.


And now let’s look at the tweets about Prop 8. Tweets are coming in fast on Twitter Search. It’s the 5th issue on twitter-er’s minds.




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Just a few interesting photos from yesterday on Flickr. Click here to go to some more pics.







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