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Maybe this year we’ll learn that love isn’t shown with money.

Us men have had our cookie-cutter ways for so long. We stick to roses, cards, and chocolates. And while those things are great, we know you can love your honey without them. You can make an action go so much further than a product.

Gentlemen, these sites will clue you into some ways to express your love.

  • Lovingyou.com – This site has a huge database of user-generated stories. They’re little blurbs about what makes their romances special. Read them to be inspired, or read them to be moved. Either way, take some time to check out the dating ideas section. Particularly I enjoyed the “Absolutely Free” section.
  • Urbanspoon – If you’re unfamiliar with Urbanspoon, it’s an online service that helps you find restaurants in your city. If you can’t swing the trendy restaurant this year, find a mom and pop place. You know, a little Italian place with Christmas lights and a secluded booth for the two of you.
  • FoodNetwork.com – If you have cooking skills in you, I think it’s time for you to check out Food Network’s romantic recipes. It’s the smallest gesture, and according to Cognitive Daily’s recent poll, women find home cooked dinners to be more romantic than any card or bouquet.

If anything, just give your girl a big squeeze, kiss her, and tell her how much you appreciate her wonderfulness.

Goodluck, gentlemen.

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