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///Slick Deals///

Slick Deals Freebies Slick Deals features both national and some local freebies. It even has a section of freebies for people who might not have voted. Then the post allows people to post local freebies! Check it out and get some free Krispy Kreme, Starbucks, or even a free bus ride.

I think the best feature is a Dallas tattoo parlor that’ll remove your embarrassing tattoos for FREE. Did you drink a little too much and add a Donald Duck tattoo to your butt? Get rid of the shame.

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Today, we’re all voting for the next great leader of this country. Voter turnout is unprecedented in that so many people are finally voting! Young people, too. It’s amazing that this election has generated so much interest.

It has also generated some noteworthy items in tech news. Here are some of the best:


SayHear.org is a great project where voters can leave a message about who they picked and why. You can call the John McCain number, Barack Obama number, third party number, or not voting number. It’s interesting to hear real people sharing their votes.

///Twitter Vote Report///

A developer has created Twitter Vote Report, and it lets Twitter users report problems and experiences at the polls with the simple hash tag #votereport. Tweet about long lines, tweet about bad service, tweet about the number of supporters on your side. Your tweets will be mapped so other users can see what’s happening at their local polling place.

///YouTube Video Your Vote///

CNN’s iReport will not be a match for YouTube’s Video Your Vote. This historic election will generate tons of videos on YouTube’s election coverage, giving the coverage job to us voters. Record your vote, post it, and much like the Twitter Vote Report, they will be mapping out all your videos on a special Google Maps mash up. Start recording!

///Google Search///

Google announced today that 87 of the Top 100 search terms are election related. I’m sure that as the day goes by that number will become bigger and bigger. It’s a great sign that voters are excited enough to research coverage, polling information, and of course candidates.

UPDATE: Despite all the election searches and freebie searches, Circuit City’s store closures still remains in the top 100 at 99. Heyitsfree.net seems to be the site that comes to everyone’s mind as the best resource to find election freebies. The site has been bogged down with lots of traffic, and it’s selection isn’t that big. I recommend slickdeals.net.


Not only has this election seen a surge in posts about election news, but Facebook has two cool features. 1) Donate your status. Nearly 1 million people have given up their status to notify their friends about the vote today. 2) The Facebook homepage allows users to note if they’ve voted. There’s a counter, and it’s tracking how many American users have voted today!

///Make Your Twitter Count///

If you don’t want to share your polling place experience, tweet about who got your vote. Set Five is tracking tweets state by state, seeing who is tweeting the most about their candidate. Of course, this is super unscientific, but if you to represent your candidate start tweeting!

I’ll update with more tech-election news as the day goes on!

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