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///Professional Facebook///

At lunch today, my girlfriend brought up the topic of whether we’ll keep up with Facebook as we get older. A study released less than two months ago shows that there is lots of growth in users aged 35-44. These are professionals using Facebook’s wide range of business applications.

So now I’m very interested in Facebook’s potential to be a business networking site. There are several places to build business-friendly features. The most important feature is differentiating your social and professional relationships. In the near future, we should be able to categorize contacts with profile limitations in mind. If I friend a coworker, I’d like to refer them to my business profileĀ  – where I can place my business applications, professional website, work related info, resume, goals, etc. etc. (much like LinkedIn.) Eventually, as I get to know the person, I should be able to grant limited access to my personal profile. Facebook already allows you to put people on your “limited profile” list…and it’s a good feature to hide all those embarrassing I’m-throwing-up-Guinness pictures, or keep secret the fact that you like Golden Girls…

If you think a business profile would be the absolute more boring feature, well in its simplest form yes, but throw business applications into the mix for some kick. You might actually boost productivity, make more contacts, start groups related to your industry, and even create camaraderie with pics from that company retreat in Colorado.

///Ladies and Gentlemen, the Future Now///

Hey, so you can already add applications like MeetingWave or the Visa Business Network. You can find many of these great apps in the application directory.


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