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Picture 9So I’m working on an exciting project in the comedy writing biz. It’s called Gutenberg Lampoon (@goooooootenberg.) It will be a comedy blog network delivering articles and video content to you, and inviting you to submit your own pictures, articles, and videos.

Yeah, we’ve seen this before. So how will it change how you get your laughs online? It’ll change the way you interact with these articles, pictures, and video: how they’re organized, how you add your own content, and how it’s shared. So, in a sense, we’re building the community side of the online comedy world, giving you better tools to find, watch, read, and submit funny stuff.

So we’re gearing up for a 2010 launch. And once you join our community, you’ll be able to start submitting your best damn content to win prizes and the glorious attention of going viral. Visit Gutenberg Lampoon to sign up your email address for updates and the chance to join the community before our official launch. And you can visit our Twitter, blog, or Facebook page.

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rickygervais_wideweb__430x322I just watched Ghost Town today, and I am always impressed with Mr. Gervais’ style of comedy. (I’m a huge fan of The Office and Extras.)

Well, I stumbled upon his open letter to President Barack Obama, found here. (It should be the second post down right now.)

The letter is a great literary feat of wit, delicious absurdity, and diplomacy. It’s fucking awesome.

Read it. You will love it.

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When you click on the photo above, you’ll be taken to takeitez’s Flickr photo of something awesome.

A prankster went to Bush St. in San Francisco, and they have changed the street sign to read Obama. This is probably the best street art I have seen to date.

If you live in San Fran, you can find the sign at the intersection of Filmore.


This may happen across the country. I know I’m looking for a Bush St. nearby….

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The job interview.

Fran: Sir, you know I’m a huge advocate for women’s health. And don’t forget that I have diplomatic experience.

Gov. Paterson: Mhm…

Fran: Just…just try to put that whole ‘Nanny’ TV series in the back of your mind. I mean it was a hit, but there’s so much more to me…

Gov. Paterson: Mrs. Drescher, let me stop you right there. It’s not the TV series that concerns me.

Fran: Oh, then what is it?

Gov. Paterson: It’s your voice. You see, I’m legally blind and my hearing is slightly enhanced. So, Mrs. Drescher, when you speak I want to bang my head on this desk over and over again.

Fran: Oh…well, oh dear…

Gov. Paterson: Yes, and I’m doing my best to not squeeze your head until it pops and relieves me of this agonizing interview.

Fran: Goodness…Well, Governor, I  just thought that if a guy with a funny name could be president, a girl from Queens with a funny voice could be Senator.

Gov. Paterson gets up to hug Fran’s head.

Fran: Sir, please don’t squeeze my head.

Gov. Paterson: I’m not going to squeeze your head.

Fran: Ok, cuz I’m really worried you’re going to squeeze my head.

Gov. Paterson: Shhh, Fran. Shut up. I’m going to have a heart-to-heart with you right now. People used to make fun of me for having a lazy eye. I was capable of so much, but people couldn’t get over this little thing. I cried, Fran. I cried and prayed to God that he’d make me normal.

Fran: Governor, that’s really sad.

Gov. Paterson: Yes, but now I thank God that I’m not you.

Fran: Oh…

Gov. Paterson: You might not be a Senator; but, Fran, you help millions of people feel better about themselves because they’re not as annoying as you.

Fran: Well, I’m sure there’s a compliment in there.

Gov. Paterson: No…Not really. I honestly don’t understand why your husband hasn’t killed himself.

Fran: He’s tried.

Gov. Paterson: Fran, if it’s worth anything, I may still have a disability, but now I’m governor. So what if your voice is like a piece of metal farting. Don’t let me bring you down. Dream big. Within reason. I guess I’m trying to say do anything with your life. Just don’t run for public office, okay?

Fran: (Nasal laugh)

Gov. Paterson, with a gun he didn’t have before, shoots Fran Drescher.

Gov Paterson: (breathing heavily) Wow…that laugh is intense. It’s all right, now. I did the right thing. Yes, I have to believe I did the right thing. (Presses the button on his intercom.) Can you send in Rosie O’Donnell?

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