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Budweiser, Coke, and Pepsi dominated tonight’s high priced commercial space, others made a big impact with one commercial. Overall they offered us horse narratives, a sexy Danica in the shower, and the hilarious Pepsuber. Hulu introduced itself to a large audience, and Dreamworks gave us a 3D preview of its new movie, Monsters Vs. Aliens. Mostly, we saw ads for NBC’s programming. Why? Well, it’s tough selling expensive ad space in a ailing economy.

We know that.

Q: Is it worth the millions of dollars to reach us? It’s a question I’m going to ask of each superbowl commercial (and you can watch them all on Hulu.)

Coke vs. Pepsi

These two companies are regulars. Both are constantly trying to attract our thirst, but the two companies have different tastes to their drinks. It truly is subjective, or a matter of situation (i.e. you like Coke, but the place sells Pepsi.)

Pepsi excelled at creating a line of funny and entertaining commercials. Coke, eh.

Really, the impression is that Pepsi is rebranding itself for the Obama generation while Coke says, “Bitch, I still got money to advertise.”

Coke, for millions of dollars, showed us nothing new about their company.


Brilliant. It’s new, what a great introduction.

The Car Commercials

Boring. They all looked like car commercials… The auto industry is about to be in shambles. What did we learn? A truck can needlessly drive through a fire ramp thing. Fail. The best North American car comes from a South Korean car maker. Fail. And that Jason Statham drives cars…alot. Sigh, fail.


Horse lovers should love beer as much?


Be violent. If you can draw magical trees, kill a skier. If someone doesn’t agree with you, comically (I cracked up) throw them out the window. Drinkability is doucheability.


Story of a company that spent millions to say, “These hack celebs are facing tough times so they sold their gold. You should sell your gold for money because you’re also facing tough times. Uh, and obviously cash4gold.com is not facing tough times because we’re using your gold to buy ads.”

Poor Ed. And it’s fucking MC HAMMER! I laughed at this commercial, but tough times indeed.


Pure waste.

The job finder commercials

All entertaining to me. And probably the most useful. After all, we need jobs. If someone’s going to compete for our attention it might as well be a useful service.

Go Daddy

I want to see Danica naked, but that has nothing to do with my web hosting needs. Just…other needs.


I barely remember the commercial, but get you a free grand slam on Tuesday : D


Clever. And it really stands alone in its field of competition. Pedigree has more money than its competitors.

(The same can also be said about Kellogs.)

The movie commercials

None of them inspired me to see them. No hype… I’m sure both Star Trek and the Transformer’s sequel hoped to gain momentum. Nothing. I’m not even excited about Up. They were all average trailers that were released hours before the actual game…


Ha! I wish I were that guy. At least, I’m not a putz when buying cars. Though, because of the economy…I’m sticking with my car…that’s in the shop.

// So we were bombarded with alot. Some failed, others made an impact. In the end, the only effective commercials were from the companies that rebranded their image, introduced their services, or offered a deal. Otherwise, what’s the point.

In a weird twist, you’d think that the Hulu presentation of these commercials would be free of advertisements. Wrong. Coke Zero ads played before I saw other ads…

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