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My friend Maritza introduced me to Pandora. I think it’s awesome. It delivers my daily music fix, and it helps me discover new music that fits my tastes.

It’s also nifty because I don’t have to worry about listening to artists I hate.

It’s like Kiss FM here in Dallas: you’re listening to something like Weezer, and then Nickelback plays. So you change the station…

The problem with all Top 40 radio stations is that the listener can’t possibly like every music artist on the station. Just because someone is in the Top 40 doesn’t mean that the general masses listen to that person or group.

But Pandora learns and understands your tastes.

Now, it would just be nice if your XM radio could connect to your Pandora account. Or if we had wireless internet everywhere and an iPhone app.

I’m a dreamer.

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