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My friend Maritza introduced me to Pandora. I think it’s awesome. It delivers my daily music fix, and it helps me discover new music that fits my tastes.

It’s also nifty because I don’t have to worry about listening to artists I hate.

It’s like Kiss FM here in Dallas: you’re listening to something like Weezer, and then Nickelback plays. So you change the station…

The problem with all Top 40 radio stations is that the listener can’t possibly like every music artist on the station. Just because someone is in the Top 40 doesn’t mean that the general masses listen to that person or group.

But Pandora learns and understands your tastes.

Now, it would just be nice if your XM radio could connect to your Pandora account. Or if we had wireless internet everywhere and an iPhone app.

I’m a dreamer.

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“I’m really glad you found a babysitter tonight.”

“Naw, I’m just keeping track of Baby Dan with my iPhone.”


“Yeah, it’s great. When baby gets fussy, I setup my iPhone to call your phone.”


“Uhm, that’s not me.”

“Uh oh, I accidentally brought my iPhone…S#$%, we need to make a stop on the way to the bar.”

Hm, even if you leave your iPhone next to baby, remember to turn its ringer off…otherwise, baby will definitely wake up. I think parents should be super cautious with this app. Knowing the demographic of the iPhone…young people like myself…this could be a good way to really eff up.

{CPS bait via BoingBoing}

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“Katy Perry Wardrobe Malfunction.”

“Yeah, I heard about that. I couldn’t find the pics online, though.”

“Katy Perry topless.”

“No, it was just a nip slip.”

“Katy Perry nip slip.”

“Dude, what the f%&# is a matter with you? Oh…you’re on the phone. Well, now I feel retarded.”

“Hey, look what I found.”

“Is that a nipple?…Sweet.”


Google is expected to launch a voice search app on Apple’s iPhone today. Google fans are already quite aware of its voice technology, which was integrated with Goog-411 (the cool AND FREE 411 service for your phone.) Now, with great apps like Remember the Milk [?] and Voice Search, Apple’s popular cell phone will be more business efficient than the Blackberry. Storm will need to act pronto to add these features to please Blackberry owners, like yours truly, or else we’re going to ask Santa for iPhones.

Of course, this isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t like using their voice technology, especially if English is not your native tongue. And once I tried searching for a Mexican restaurant with Juan in the title…I had to JOO-awn for Goog-411 to get me…

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