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Huffington Post offers this breakdown of voters by age:

Ohio Results

It’s interesting to note how every category sans the 65+ group went to Obama in Ohio. Once this state was called, it was over.

Here is a screenshot from the winning page BarackObama.com:

President Barack Obama

Here is McCain’s page with VERY LITTLE change (the developers just included a video of his remarks.) Obama’s website now gives visitors the chance to contribute to the RNC, but McCain’s website has yet to make these additions. I’m guessing the developers are worn out after a long day.



So now we have our next president, and the tech community needs to be optimistic about an Obama administration. For one, he has always been a fighter for net neutrality. His call for net neutrality is even in his book The Audacity of Hope.

We must also expect his administration to hold its promise to give government back to the people through technology. The huge coalition from this election should expect to see his text messaging and social network presence used to tackle his agenda.


Trend Snapshot Nov 5

Google Trends, as of 3:31 AM, shows us that McCain’s concession speech became the volcanic topic of the day. It also appears that David Plouffe has gained some attention. People across the country are up late waiting for the results of Prop 8, which was leaning YES an hour ago. Obama mentioned Ann Nixon Cooper in his speech, and this has inspired some googling. Overall, Obama’s speech got the least attention and third place behind Obama’s campaign director Plouffe and McCain’s concession speech.

Some of you might have noticed that “Uncle Tom” is a search term. And it might be related to two different types of stories: 1) The People of Natchitoches, Louisiana, where Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin is set, awaited the results of whether we had elected the first African American president. Or 2) it could’ve been Ralph Nader’s remarks this evening. Both were stories on major news outlets, but I’m going to vote for the latter as the cause.


Diggs about Barack’s presidency have brought in the hugest numbers on the social bookmarking site. 31K plus diggs from Barack voters + two other posts honored with K beside the number of diggs:




It’s been an interesting day, and I thank everyone that voted in his historic hard fought election. We should be thankful for 4 great candidates with 4 families that embody our hopes and dreams.

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One thing is for sure, the web developers for both campaigns will not get rest today. Several things need to be orchestrated as the day goes on.

1) Bandwidth. If millions of people look towards their candidate’s site for news, then your site is going to get bogged down. Expect the bandwidth needs to surge at 7, when the polls close. Then once there’s a winner, the winning page needs to get ready for the biggest surge its seen.

2) Updates. As events unfold, be sure to see some major events highlighted in the design rather than just loaded from RSS feeds. The designers are ready to update those sites to reflect today’s events.

3) Readying the win/lose pages. Tonight, the website’s will either reflect a win or a loss, and the developers are sure to be working on that today. Both sides have probably created win pages that will give us a new message from the candidate, highlight volunteer opportunities, and start to create a social networking system for supporters to get involved in the next 3 months.

4) Not screw up. We remember the McCain team accidentally releasing an internet ad showing that McCain had won the first presidential debate. The developers will be careful not to accidentally jump the gun on results.

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Today, we’re all voting for the next great leader of this country. Voter turnout is unprecedented in that so many people are finally voting! Young people, too. It’s amazing that this election has generated so much interest.

It has also generated some noteworthy items in tech news. Here are some of the best:


SayHear.org is a great project where voters can leave a message about who they picked and why. You can call the John McCain number, Barack Obama number, third party number, or not voting number. It’s interesting to hear real people sharing their votes.

///Twitter Vote Report///

A developer has created Twitter Vote Report, and it lets Twitter users report problems and experiences at the polls with the simple hash tag #votereport. Tweet about long lines, tweet about bad service, tweet about the number of supporters on your side. Your tweets will be mapped so other users can see what’s happening at their local polling place.

///YouTube Video Your Vote///

CNN’s iReport will not be a match for YouTube’s Video Your Vote. This historic election will generate tons of videos on YouTube’s election coverage, giving the coverage job to us voters. Record your vote, post it, and much like the Twitter Vote Report, they will be mapping out all your videos on a special Google Maps mash up. Start recording!

///Google Search///

Google announced today that 87 of the Top 100 search terms are election related. I’m sure that as the day goes by that number will become bigger and bigger. It’s a great sign that voters are excited enough to research coverage, polling information, and of course candidates.

UPDATE: Despite all the election searches and freebie searches, Circuit City’s store closures still remains in the top 100 at 99. Heyitsfree.net seems to be the site that comes to everyone’s mind as the best resource to find election freebies. The site has been bogged down with lots of traffic, and it’s selection isn’t that big. I recommend slickdeals.net.


Not only has this election seen a surge in posts about election news, but Facebook has two cool features. 1) Donate your status. Nearly 1 million people have given up their status to notify their friends about the vote today. 2) The Facebook homepage allows users to note if they’ve voted. There’s a counter, and it’s tracking how many American users have voted today!

///Make Your Twitter Count///

If you don’t want to share your polling place experience, tweet about who got your vote. Set Five is tracking tweets state by state, seeing who is tweeting the most about their candidate. Of course, this is super unscientific, but if you to represent your candidate start tweeting!

I’ll update with more tech-election news as the day goes on!

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