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“814, dude.”


“Alaska just might not elect a convict to the Senate. Stevens is behind 814 votes.”


“What’s on your computer screen?”

“It’s the new Windows Live. Pretty sweet; it’s like a social network now. Look I just posted some pics of Elia and me at the KanYe West concert. And I’m about to update my interests.”

“Sweet…so, does this means you’re going to drop MySpace?”

“F%#& no, dude. This looks like a social network for my mom…but it’s midday, and it was do this or watch soap operas.”


///Ted Stevens is BEHIND///

Topping the blog search today is the senatorial race in the chilly state of Alaska, where absentee ballots have pushed candidate Mark Begich, you know the one without the felony record, ahead by 814 votes.

///Whoa, Windows Live a Social Network?///

In second place is the new updates to Windows Live, which has integrated its Spaces with the home page to give the user a more social experience. Of course, Windows Live is now in that awkward place: “What the hell exactly is Windows Live? Is it a blog, is it a place for me to check whether, is it mail, or dare I say is just a bunch of random crap together….?”

Google has a range of products such as Gmail and Orkus, but it lets users opt into cluttering the Google homepage with that stuff. Otherwise, it’s just a search engine with a link to more stuff. Yahoo, whose stock plunged yesterday to $10, also has a clutter problem.

But let’s applaud Windows Live to thinking outside of the box. Yahoo had only been talking about this upgrade whereas Windows Live actually made it happen. Cool? But I’ll still stick to Facebook and Google.

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