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Tomorrow morning I leave for New York, and I decided that it was time to prepare for my trip in a new way. I’ve already been using Twitter search to find some cool places and learn about real people’s experiences. Now, as seen in this blog post, I’m using Flickr.

A simple search of “favorite place New York,” and, hey, look at that. Results.

So thanks to Flickr users I can now see through their camera lens these great places. I can visit the fountain at Bryant Park. I can try out some breakfast at Square Diner. If I’m not hungry, but in need of inspiration, I can go to the New York public library to consult the marble statues.

Bam, no need to buy a $20 travel guide.

Click here to see all the results for the search query “favorite place New York.” Trust me, I left you a lot of treasures to discover on your own. 🙂

{Katz pic by jasonyungny}

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