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When Ralph Nader announced his candidacy for president many pundits said it would be the most irrelevant campaign, citing that Barack’s candidacy was a more realistic representation of Nader’s values. Meaning if you were going to vote Nader, you were probably voting Barack to make a difference.

Well Google Trends shows us that “Ralph Nader” was still a popular search term:

Trends Nader

You’ll notice the huge spike when he announced his candidacy, and then a period of lost interest. But Nader suddenly gains in August. This might be because of his weird ads, including the one about Obama’s missing nuts.

Let’s compare him to the other two stars, Barack and Sarah:

///Barack Obama///

Trends Barack

///Sarah Palin///

Trends Sarah

It’s interesting that we don’t see many people trying to find info on Sarah Palin in general.

Of course, we have huge spikes when the search term is “Palin Couric”:

Palin Couric

And this all points to one hypothesis: towards the end of this election, some Americans became very interested in taking a second look at Ralph Nader.

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