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Here are 3 images of people without their faces visible. Each one has a different effect – though I think the first 2 were created from concept. And that’s okay.

Overall, all 3 images remove emotion from their subjects.

Take for instance, the first image tells a story about a girl whose real, emotional expression is hidden by the cartoon and shallow emotion.

She’s also naked.


Frat guys, before you high five each other, let’s figure out the intention. Is it conceptual? Maybe…but I think being naked is vulnerability. Yes? Oh, well, but she’s not. The pose is fitting for the concept. She’s naked, but not exposed. (Sorry, bros.)

The only thing that doesn’t connect…rock star J.B.F. hair. I mean…maybe this was an exercise for a hairstylist too.

Now, the second image… I think the second image has two conflicting


messages. The photographer faced two conflicts: 1) do the same as image one, or 2) connect minimalism to the emotionless. Instead of stating “LESS is MORE,” state an emotion or a passion. That way the emotion is understated, and we SEE that less is more rather than being told less is more.

And the last image makes the biggest impact…and it wasn’t birthed from a concept. It just capture something so interesting.

The soldier, emotionless out of necessity. It makes a statement about man’s best friend.

The last picture is perfect.

It teaches me that sometimes I shouldn’t try. I should just let it be.

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Via Boing Boing post, I saw this pic of an exploding Teddy Bear. Pretty awesome looking.


The picture was shot by Dan Tobin Smith. Sweet.

Here are some other pics from the photographer on his website:


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