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medium_obamaposterThere’s a street campaign against Obama’s health care plan. It’s a poster depicting Obama dressed up as Heath Ledger’s portrayal of DC villain The Joker. The Obama Joker Posters have sprung up across Los Angeles.

No one said it was going to be a pretty fight, but I fully support government run health care. Or at least change. We can’t pretend that the health care system works. There is no prevention programs and too many people are dropped from their plans when they get sick. This is not right.

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Update: Found this great picture on Flickr of the posters on an actual landmark.

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picture-21Obama is at his second town hall meeting in Fort Myers, Florida. He’s talking with people there about his recovery package.

The Senate has just approved their version, which includes more tax cuts than the House’s bill.

It’s obvious from the town hall meetings that several people love Obama, that several people want to see Obama, and that several people want to speak to Obama. (The crowd cheered when he announced the Senate’s passing of his bill – so obviously these are Obama fans.)

But my question is whether he’s the best salesman for this job. I’m only concerned because it opens him to attacks from his critics that he’s a better campaigner than office holder. The buzz from the critics is that Obama must be ignoring some pertinent business in the oval office.

In defense of President Obama, he’s done his work. He’s talked to economists and advisors, he’s planned out his vision, and he’s met with representatives and senators. He hasn’t met with the American people. What are the American people’s fears and concerns? Think about it. Most presidents tell us they know our feelings when they only know through statistics and news stories. Now when Obama says he understands our problems, we can look at these town hall meetings as evidence.

There has always been a bubble around our presidents, and Obama is trying to break it.

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PalinLMAO. According to this post by Rasmussen Report, 55% of polled Republicans want to see the party modeled after Gov. Sarah Palin. She inspires something in them. Hope, perhaps.

She had her limelight. Proved she wasn’t an airhead while proving that she was far behind her political cohorts. She sold soaring Rovian rhetoric to her party, but tripped during interviews. Most of all, she lost McCain the election (though, Republicans think she revived them.)

That’s history.

And really, the Rasmussen Report is only confirming what we’ve known about the G.O.P.’s exaltation of Palin.

The more disturbing fact comes later in the post:

Just 15% of Evangelical Christian voters feel that the Republican Party has been too conservative for the past eight years, while 50% think it has been too moderate.

ONLY 15% of that group thinks the G.O.P has been too conservative during the Bush administration. The last 8 years saw the fight against stem cells and intellectual curiosity, the ideological war against the Muslim faith, and the Bush tax cuts. All of that not enough. These Evangelical Christians believe that we did not reach true conservatism. Bollocks.

There’s the answer to the Palin Paradox. She resides on the far-right boundaries of her party, and Evangelical Christians love it. Huckabee, he was good. But he’s too nice. He doesn’t have the same hunger they saw in the savage Palin in the closing weeks of the election.

She has their hearts, which apparently is all they can offer her…

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picture-52 How dare I ignore Barack Obama in my graffiti series???

This man has definitely inspired some interesting images and art, and that can be said about the street art around America. There are images of him and his symbol. As usual, I have found most of these images via Flickr users. Click on the images to be taken to the photographer’s photostream.

Of course these are just my favorites. Click here to see all the images, including some copyrighted ones that I couldn’t show.

//Obama Graffiti











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imagesBoy, these are tough times for the American workforce. When we talk about layoffs, it’s bittersweet. I say that because layoffs can mean companies are prioritizing to face the hard times ahead. And, at the same time, layoffs mean thousands of families that must struggle to find new means of surviving. According to ABC news, this morning’s layoff total will climb past 40,000 [jump to the article]

Three search requests are dominating Google’s top 20: Caterpillar Layoffs[#8],  Sprint Layoffs [#10], and Home Depot Layoffs 2009 [#17]. The search terms Home Depot Expo [#4] and Expo Design Center [#6] comes with the news that, in addition to layoffs, Home Depot will be shutting all of its expo centers [source]. The list stores can be found here. Caterpillar has it rough, too. They will be cutting 20% of their workforce.

Missing from the trending is Pfizer, which will also be laying off employees after acquiring Wyeth for $68 billion dollars.

So, it’s tough to see Caterpillar and Home Depot having trouble, but also a telecommunication company? Sprint will be laying off 8,000 people. That’s 13% of its entire workforce.images-1

There is a stimulus package in the works; President Obama has been fiercely pushing for its approval. Today’s news only emphasizes the rising need for help. Also, it should be a signal to Obama that job creation is a priority above Iraq. I’m ready for the end of Iraq–get our soldiers home–but we definitely found the hole in the bottom of the boat. It’s jobs.

Today Tim Geithner, Obama’s pick for Treasury Secretary, will face the Senate again for approval. For those out of the loop, the Senate is concerned over Tim Geithner’s past failure to pay his taxes. He is also proposing a 700 billion dollar program to help the economy, one that also concerns the Senate.

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iCue has posted 23 of the previous inaugural speeches, from George W. Bush all the way back to Dwight D. Eisenhower.


You have probably seen Obama’s speech today. Well, compare him to past leaders. Obama has been called the new Kennedy. See for yourself if there are similarities in themes. Bitter about Bush? Check out his words in 2000, and you can certainly look for a difference between his vision and Obama’s. I liked watching Bill Clinton’s speech (seen below.)


You can also comment on and discuss these videos. It’s a conversation you won’t wanna miss!

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After watching Barack Obama’s speech, man, who can’t help but feel a surge of pride. As a people, we are at the start a long marathon. It’s grueling, we’re tired, and the finish line is far from us. But this man emboldens us to carry each other through one of our darkest hours.

There is already a change.

You can see it in people’s eyes – we are all so proud of this moment and so proud of this man. This man calms our fears. This man cheers our weakened spirits. This man is the best in all of us.

But he cannot do it alone. I want you to visit usaservice.org, a website created by Obama and his team. It is where he will rally the nation to renew our country. There are already projects on there waiting for you!

Let’s rebuild what has been carelessly broken.

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