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rickygervais_wideweb__430x322I just watched Ghost Town today, and I am always impressed with Mr. Gervais’ style of comedy. (I’m a huge fan of The Office and Extras.)

Well, I stumbled upon his open letter to President Barack Obama, found here. (It should be the second post down right now.)

The letter is a great literary feat of wit, delicious absurdity, and diplomacy. It’s fucking awesome.

Read it. You will love it.

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When you click on the photo above, you’ll be taken to takeitez’s Flickr photo of something awesome.

A prankster went to Bush St. in San Francisco, and they have changed the street sign to read Obama. This is probably the best street art I have seen to date.

If you live in San Fran, you can find the sign at the intersection of Filmore.


This may happen across the country. I know I’m looking for a Bush St. nearby….

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After watching Barack Obama’s speech, man, who can’t help but feel a surge of pride. As a people, we are at the start a long marathon. It’s grueling, we’re tired, and the finish line is far from us. But this man emboldens us to carry each other through one of our darkest hours.

There is already a change.

You can see it in people’s eyes – we are all so proud of this moment and so proud of this man. This man calms our fears. This man cheers our weakened spirits. This man is the best in all of us.

But he cannot do it alone. I want you to visit usaservice.org, a website created by Obama and his team. It is where he will rally the nation to renew our country. There are already projects on there waiting for you!

Let’s rebuild what has been carelessly broken.

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