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Today, President-Elect Barack Obama met with President Bush to discuss private matters and ease the transition of power in January. Huffington Post posted some photos of the same event happening between Bush and then President Clinton.

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I’m sure the 2000 meeting was a little bitter after Gore lost, but definitely not as dire as today’s meeting between our nation’s leader and future leader. I’m sure the economy took center stage in the discussion, whereas Bush and Clinton’s meeting was probably over foreign policy.

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Unfortunately, Britney Spears’ son was rushed to the hospital after having a seizure. Mommapop covers the full story>>


from MommaPop \/

Spears and her family were relaxing at their Louisiana Serenity estate when Jayden had a seizure and was described as being “vague and unresponsive.” When Spears was told that an ambulance would take a half-an-hour to arrive (WTF?) the Spears clan mobilized and sped to the hospital in two black SUVs, one driven by Britney and carrying her parents and son, the other drive by Jamie-Lynn with brother Brian as a passenger.


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