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Twitter: Ralph Nader

Mr. Nader’s comments that Obama is Uncle Tom do not trend well on Twitter-er’s updates:


His base and support comes from tech savvy young people, and the comments were certainly popular on election day.

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Huffington Post offers this breakdown of voters by age:

Ohio Results

It’s interesting to note how every category sans the 65+ group went to Obama in Ohio. Once this state was called, it was over.

Here is a screenshot from the winning page BarackObama.com:

President Barack Obama

Here is McCain’s page with VERY LITTLE change (the developers just included a video of his remarks.) Obama’s website now gives visitors the chance to contribute to the RNC, but McCain’s website has yet to make these additions. I’m guessing the developers are worn out after a long day.



So now we have our next president, and the tech community needs to be optimistic about an Obama administration. For one, he has always been a fighter for net neutrality. His call for net neutrality is even in his book The Audacity of Hope.

We must also expect his administration to hold its promise to give government back to the people through technology. The huge coalition from this election should expect to see his text messaging and social network presence used to tackle his agenda.


Trend Snapshot Nov 5

Google Trends, as of 3:31 AM, shows us that McCain’s concession speech became the volcanic topic of the day. It also appears that David Plouffe has gained some attention. People across the country are up late waiting for the results of Prop 8, which was leaning YES an hour ago. Obama mentioned Ann Nixon Cooper in his speech, and this has inspired some googling. Overall, Obama’s speech got the least attention and third place behind Obama’s campaign director Plouffe and McCain’s concession speech.

Some of you might have noticed that “Uncle Tom” is a search term. And it might be related to two different types of stories: 1) The People of Natchitoches, Louisiana, where Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin is set, awaited the results of whether we had elected the first African American president. Or 2) it could’ve been Ralph Nader’s remarks this evening. Both were stories on major news outlets, but I’m going to vote for the latter as the cause.


Diggs about Barack’s presidency have brought in the hugest numbers on the social bookmarking site. 31K plus diggs from Barack voters + two other posts honored with K beside the number of diggs:




It’s been an interesting day, and I thank everyone that voted in his historic hard fought election. We should be thankful for 4 great candidates with 4 families that embody our hopes and dreams.

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When Ralph Nader announced his candidacy for president many pundits said it would be the most irrelevant campaign, citing that Barack’s candidacy was a more realistic representation of Nader’s values. Meaning if you were going to vote Nader, you were probably voting Barack to make a difference.

Well Google Trends shows us that “Ralph Nader” was still a popular search term:

Trends Nader

You’ll notice the huge spike when he announced his candidacy, and then a period of lost interest. But Nader suddenly gains in August. This might be because of his weird ads, including the one about Obama’s missing nuts.

Let’s compare him to the other two stars, Barack and Sarah:

///Barack Obama///

Trends Barack

///Sarah Palin///

Trends Sarah

It’s interesting that we don’t see many people trying to find info on Sarah Palin in general.

Of course, we have huge spikes when the search term is “Palin Couric”:

Palin Couric

And this all points to one hypothesis: towards the end of this election, some Americans became very interested in taking a second look at Ralph Nader.

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