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PalinLMAO. According to this post by Rasmussen Report, 55% of polled Republicans want to see the party modeled after Gov. Sarah Palin. She inspires something in them. Hope, perhaps.

She had her limelight. Proved she wasn’t an airhead while proving that she was far behind her political cohorts. She sold soaring Rovian rhetoric to her party, but tripped during interviews. Most of all, she lost McCain the election (though, Republicans think she revived them.)

That’s history.

And really, the Rasmussen Report is only confirming what we’ve known about the G.O.P.’s exaltation of Palin.

The more disturbing fact comes later in the post:

Just 15% of Evangelical Christian voters feel that the Republican Party has been too conservative for the past eight years, while 50% think it has been too moderate.

ONLY 15% of that group thinks the G.O.P has been too conservative during the Bush administration. The last 8 years saw the fight against stem cells and intellectual curiosity, the ideological war against the Muslim faith, and the Bush tax cuts. All of that not enough. These Evangelical Christians believe that we did not reach true conservatism. Bollocks.

There’s the answer to the Palin Paradox. She resides on the far-right boundaries of her party, and Evangelical Christians love it. Huckabee, he was good. But he’s too nice. He doesn’t have the same hunger they saw in the savage Palin in the closing weeks of the election.

She has their hearts, which apparently is all they can offer her…

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The younger members of the Grand Old Party are responding to Tuesday’s election with a call to renovate how the party meshes with their tech savvy. Rebuildtheparty.com hopes to interact with members to generate new ideas in a time where the badly-damaged party needs them.

The site says it’s ready to do war with the democrats on the technological front, stating that the internet needs to interact with campaign offices and volunteers in attempt to rebuild the grassroots infrastructure.

It also addresses the fact that these efforts are only successful behind the strength of new Republican candidates with 21st century ideas.

I will note that the web design does in fact reflect these principals. I would suggest to them to find a better way to organize their long plan into parts. This allows people to digest all these new principals in a design-friendly way.

You can read the full plan at the website, and then you can submit your own ideas.

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