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I consider being one with nature.

Many people love nature or feeling natural – something like that. I’m not so green. Mostly, if I can help it, I resist being outdoors, especially since I live in Texas.

I mean I love nature. I’ve included it as one of the items on zen page. But…it’s kind of a treat in my life. You know, the occasional picnic or football game.

It’s not the same experience as Thoreau’s Walden. In fact…it’s noting like that at all…and that’s always been ok.

But as a person who does a lot of work on my computer, I’ve become concerned with my poor relationship with nature. In an increasingly technological world, it’s hard to think of nature as an important part of our lives beyond the climate crisis.

We mostly talk about nature as abused and doomed. Or we associate it with exercise: during the summer, I chose to jog in my local park’s trails because it was cool beneath the trees.

I don’t want to hug a tree or lay in the grass, but I want the park/woods/lake to be a common locale in the story of my life. I want to make sure that the desk in my office isn’t the most common wood in my life…That’d be ashame.

I found some Flickr pics of my local park, River Legacy, and I thought I would share them with you. (Man, you can find anything on Flickr.)




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