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Google Friend Connect allows Developers to make sites social without PHP & JavaScript.

Google just announced that your personal site can be a social network thanks to Google’s Friend Connect.

As someone who wants to design for arists, this new feature will be great for actors and artists that want an easy way for people to connect with them.

People can add you as a friend via OpenID (?), and you can add other friends from other websites. You can also have a wall for friends and clients to post on as well as a review function. More gadgets are on their way, and you can already use OpenID custom gadgets.

I tested it on my website (you can find the test at http://michaeltobias.com/connect.html) It’s really easy to add to any site. And you can customize the gadgets by color and size.


I added it to my website in 20 minutes, using the simplest color screens available. I only needed to copy and paste code into 3 files, making the process hassle-free.

I even tested how easy it is to add yourself to a website’s social gadget. SUPER EASY. I went to another computer, and went to my site. I clicked to add myself, and Google detected that I was logged into my Gmail account. I added myself using that. Done.

Here’s a video from Google on Friend Connect:

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