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Facebook speaks to the Sage in the Temple of Knowing Stuff.

“Oh great sage, I have traveled far to save my village from the evil spammers. A friend wrote on my wall that you would have the answer.”

“Young Facebook, I must tell thee a story. The prophets of Palo Alto once foretold of a young hero that would slay the demon spammers. My boy, I believe that hero is you.”

“But, sage, do I have the power?”

“How many lawyers do you have?”


“S#!* son. I think you’ll be fine…”


Facebook announced that it just won a huge case against spam company Atlantis Blue Capital. The social neworking site has always prided itself in protecting users against spammy content. The judge awarded Facebook $873 million, but there’s no way ABC can honor that. (Facebook admits the impossibility in the post.) But this win still sends a strong message to anybody wanting to spam Facebook users. Don’t.

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