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You’re wired off that Starbucks seasonal latte you had at 10PM, and you’ve already checked your Facebook 500 times (And Sheila still hasn’t poked you back…)

What’s on Tv? Infomercial. Sigh. Shamwow? That must be bulls#$%It can’t pick up that much water. It’s cheap, but before you consider buying one you turn off the tube.

But then you remember a post you read (maybe this one) about 5 guys who decided to perform comedy on a streaming video network.

Hallelujah, there’s something to do.

Tonight at MIDNIGHT, you’ll get to watch a professional improv show via your computer. No need to RSVP, pay anything, or sign up….

Just show up to this link anytime around 12AM:  http://tr.im/2gk9 We look forward to seeing you there!


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