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Football fans tweeted the big game tonight, and with the help of #hashtags the entire game, including moment-to-moment twitter-er commentary was recorded.

Twitter-ers added #superbowl to their tweets about the game. This enabled the site hashtags.org to chronicle the game. You can now browse a total of 8,000+ tweets by clicking here. You can see people’s reactions to all the big moments, as well as people interacting with each other.

The other news is that 3,000+ twitter-ers chose to follow @superbowl to get an experience beyond NBC’s coverage. The twitter-er offered behind the scenese updates as well as some commentary (like below.)


If anybody knows the man behind the @superbowl twitter curtain, email me.

This was a first attempt. I don’t see most twitter-ers being sports fans, but maybe that’ll change by next year.

// Some people used the #hashtags Cardinals and Steelers. Which one got more tags? Sigh, the Steelers. The Steeler nation tweets…What can be done?

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