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On the 28th anniversary of his assassination, Twitter users pay tribute to John Lennon.


So one of today’s hot topics on Twitter is John Lennon’s death.  This brings up an aspect of social networking that gets little press: the tribute.

When Dark Knight actor Heath Ledger passed on, Facebook saw a surge in status updates as tributes.

In high profile cases and celebrity deaths, locals place flowers & notes near their homes or, in the cases of murder, the crime scene. It’s a gesture to show that the community loved that person.

In a sense, the same is happening on social networks. This is how my generation pays tribute to the late greats. We make them go viral so they’re impact on this world is not forgotten.

//John Lennon’s Assassination

I know there are some people out there too young to know who John Lennon is, much less how he died. So let me catch you up.

John Lennon was one of the four Beatles. Paul and John were the main composers of the band’s music. He was married to the infamous Yoko Ono (still living), whom he recorded music with. Younger readers will know her as the crazy Asian woman on South Park when several students pooped their pants upon hearing the brown note.

28 years ago, Mark David Chapman, a native Texan, travelled to New York to kill John Lennon. Citing Catcher in the Rye as a major influence, Chapman became irrate at Lennon while listening to his music. December 08, 2008 Chapman shot Lennon in the back four times.

That’s the gist.

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