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Graphic tees are a passion of mine. I’m now a collector of cool threads. Here are some of my favorites, all currently for sale, some not for long. Photos link to product.

resized_pandaguyslarge Johnny Cupcakes ’09 Panda tee. This shirt features a panda that has come across a delicious cupcake. I don’t look good in white tees, but this one is adorable. They used to have the shirt for Toddlers, which was even more adorable. Johnny Earle (AKA Johnny Cupcakes) manufactures his shirts in smaller-than-usual numbers. Get the shirt while they have your size available.

Price: $35.99 + $8 shipping. Johnny Cupcakes. For both men and women.


Rad Ass tee by The Hundreds. You know, this one is not my style. You will never catch Michael Tobias in this search, and if you do feel free to point out that it’s too cool for me. Despite that fact, the design is unique and awesome.

Price: $30 + $8 shipping. The Hundreds. Men’s only.

Picture 2Stylist by UNIQLO. I like the doodle on this shirt, plus the color of blue is incredible. It’s definitely a playful style. The only problem with UNIQLO is that there isn’t an online shop. You need to go to the store, and stores are hard to come by…

Price: $15.50. UNIQLO. Men’s only, in-store only.

top_classybearClassy Bear by Jan Avendano on TeeFury. Such a dapper bear with his round-frame glasses, little hat, and bowtie! Another good color for the summer, and I like the placement of the graphic! THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION! And you’ve got roughly 6 hrs left to buy it from TeeFury.com. Next Thursday, I’m going to post early (around midnight) so you can have a better shot at a TeeFury shirt.

Price: $9 + $2 shipping. Tee Fury. For both men and women.

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