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1 >> Chester French

Chester French is band from Wisconsin featuring two musicians DA and Max. They’ve recently been picked up Pharrell’s label Star Trak Entertainment, and they released their freshman album Love the Future. It features the song from the vid, “She Loves Everybody.”

Quirky fact: The band is named after Daniel Chester French, the man who sculpted the seated Abraham Lincoln statue at Lincoln Memorial.

2 >> Diane Birch

First saw Diane {MySpace} when she opened for James Morrison at the Granada Theater in Dallas, TX. Her band performed this cover of “What is Love,” the Haddaway song made famous by SNL.  Her debut album Bible Belt will be released on iTunes May 19th.

3 >> Musée Mécanique

I stumbled upon these guys while checking out the site for Cello group Portland Cello Project. It’s a mellow sound for a day of relaxing outdoors. Musée Mécanique hails from Portland as well, and it features the songwriting of Micah Rabwin and Sean Ogilvie.

Audio Visuals is a new addition to my blog. Is it vibing with you? I’d appreciate any feedback on this new feature or any of the musicians listed here. Stay classy, my friends.

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Just awesome…

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“Hey, dude. Wanna go drink? I just got laid off from Sprint.”

“Bro, don’t interrupt me right now. I’m trying to connect with my spiritual side.”

“What…on YouTube?”

“Yes. Yes, on YouTube. I’m watching the Vatican’s channel.”

“Cool, wanna watch Numa Numa after you’re done watching the Pope?”

“Um, hell yeah I do.”

This is definitely noteworthy. A month ago, the only holy grail on YouTube was on the official Monty Python channel. Now, we have the official channel for the Vatican. That’s right, everyone. We will have the Pope and everything Catholic amongst the other YouTube greats like the skiing squirrel and naked Vlogs.

The channel already has 20 videos, and the channel is one of the nicest I’ve seen in a while. There’s some saint pointing in the background pic. It’s funny because they use the same saint in the profile pic, and it looks like he’s some holy Fonz pointing at some dude.

See the featured video from the Vatican Channel below.

{via The Official Google Blog}

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iCue has posted 23 of the previous inaugural speeches, from George W. Bush all the way back to Dwight D. Eisenhower.


You have probably seen Obama’s speech today. Well, compare him to past leaders. Obama has been called the new Kennedy. See for yourself if there are similarities in themes. Bitter about Bush? Check out his words in 2000, and you can certainly look for a difference between his vision and Obama’s. I liked watching Bill Clinton’s speech (seen below.)


You can also comment on and discuss these videos. It’s a conversation you won’t wanna miss!

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Mr. Wehrli rethinks modern art.

I just watched this TED talk on tidying up art. In the video, we see that Ursus Wehrli takes abstract art and tidies up the abstract shapes and colors into something orderly, as you can see in the pics below.



Brilliant. It’s wonderfully satirical and playful in every aspect – and it ignites our imaginations.

It got me to thinking how sometimes we forget the most creative path is just rethinking something that exists.

My theatre friends will understand my reference to Tim Stoppard’s play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. What is that? It’s a rethinking of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Mr. Stoppard did what Mr. Werhli does with modern art: he said, hm, there’s a different way to tell that story.

It’s the same thing we can do in our own lives.

We must take the occasional break from innovation in order to reinvent. Mess up someone’s brilliance – or clean it up. The product will at least be interesting.


Garfield Minus Garfield

Dan Walsh made a brilliant body of work by erasing Jim Davis’ beloved cat Garfield from his own comics, leaving own Jon Arbuckle to his own devices.


The result is this existential work of art. Jump to read the comics, or else>>

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{via TechCrunch post}

Facebook has created a visualization of the connection between its users. I just watched the video of a Facebook developer demonstrate the pretty visualization of different interactions between users around the Earth. It was created by developers at the most recent Hackathon event, so it’s not an official Facebook feature. Maybe later.

Oh well, it’ll kill 10 minutes of your freetime, and it’s gosh darn cool.


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“What are you uploading to YouTube?”

“Some clips of Monty Python.”

“You know it’s getting its own official channel.”

“Oh…so I don’t have to illegally upload my favorite sketches?”


“We are the knights who say NI!”

“Jesus, what has YouTube done…?”


{via Mashable} YouTube will have an official Monty Python channel, and it will be the fodder to your already obsessed friends. You’ll be at a party; your friend Joe will say, “Dude, come over here I gotta show you a funny vid.”

Let the Brit troupe explain the scheme to you:

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